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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Also Jack-Off Worthy: Monty

This sexy straight jock, although totally smooth, caught my attention when I saw him jerking off in a super-hot solo video on Men-at-Play! He looks totally innocent, like your proverbial guy-next-door, almost plain, but at the same time he's got something absolutely irresistible about him ...

... maybe it's that tattoo, may be it's his eyes, perhaps it's his attitude or simply a mix of it all - whatever it may be, I can't put my finger on it, but I sure have my fingerS firmly wrapped around my dick in a tight fist when looking at Monty's pics and especially, his hot, daring solo video!!!

Monty's done one solo-video - so far - and you can watch it exclusively on Men-at-Play.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

From The COLT VAULT: The Leather-Man & The Sailors (Starring Ledermeister)

From the COLT-VAULT cumz this super-hot fantasy where a ferocious leather-man catches two sailors in the act ...

... not missing any opportunity to get his share of the fun, he blackmails the two pervs into servicing him, or else ... ... and so the two hapless sea-men comply with the demands of the mysterious leather-man and soon one of them sucks on his nipples while the other one busies himself releasing the leather-man's meat ... ...


... for the full version of this clip, just click HERE to watch it on the COLT website!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Rowdy Nash, A Randy Gardner, Strokes His Ginger-Bushed Cock ...

With his hot ginger fur and his masculine face, a pictorial of Rowdy Nash - wearing suit and tie! - in COLT magazine fuelled my fantasy in a big way when I was in my teens!
And to this day, Rowdy's remained one of my favourite COLT men of all time!
See more of Rowdy by simply clicking HERE!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Long-Donged COLT-Men

COLT was first and foremost the studio where our collective fantasies came to life. Butch men, oozing testosterone by the gallons, were the stuff of which our wet dreams were made, and Rip COLT turned our dreams into porn. The hottest porn. Ever! Though you didn't necessarily go to COLT for dicks the size of beer bottles, some COLT models were very well endowed indeed! And here's a small selection. Clicking on each image will take you the name of the model plus his COLT page:

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Franco Corelli Recharging His Tool

Franco Corelli definitely was - actually: still is! - one of COLT's most popular strokers! Being str8, he never made a hardcore flick for the studio but similar to his rival, Carl Hardwick, his COLT solo videos are numerous, and they are hot!

This one here, called ReCharge, is from COLT MINUTE MAN 18 which also features fellow muscle-Gods Carl Hardwick as well as Billy Herrington:

The full episode is availableHERE.

The full video of ReCharge can be accessed HERE!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

COLT-ICON Cal Sinclair

In this awesome COLT classic, iconic COLT man Cal Sinclair treats you to a truly sizzling hot muscle-worship session:

... find more on  Cal by following this link!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Neal Shaw And Michael Christopher Roughing It In the Californian Woods

Both men look like they've just entered the Natural Man Contest ... and won! Furry, rugged, slightly (but not too) muscled, Neal and Michael are going at it in the rough and raw Californian wilderness.
And rough and raw is just how they like it - best!

To watch the full scene, click HERE, please!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Ray Han

Ray Han - this handsome man with skin as smooth as silk and a hooded, meaty, dong the size and shape of which is as lusciously inviting to look at as it is quite simply beautiful, has turned into a COLT mainstay!

His latest contribution is a hot, daring solo that brings out the exhibitionist and narcissist in Ray Han!

Ray Han's solo video is now LIVE on the COLT website!

Carpenter Ray Mars Needs To Unload ...

When the COLT MINUTE MAN series was still in its early days, with each and every update starring one COLT legend after another - that's when this uniquely hot scorcher of carpenter Ray Mars busting a nut, was recorded.

If you're not yet familiar with this one - you'll see that this is vintage COLT at its peak and at its very, very, best, featuring a hot fantasy-plot, the perfect camera angles, and last but not least, a masculine, muscle-packed, stud who looks exactly what a masculine, muscle-packed stud, is supposed to look like, men who've since become synonymous with COLT STUDIO itself!

Gents across the world, here's Carpenter Ray Mars:

For more on Ray, please click HERE!