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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Adam Soulska & Stephen Bryce In: Taking Hold

In the new video from COLT, Adam Soulska's nimble fingers are probing Stephen Bryce's smooth arsehole to prepare it for the pounding that's to cum.

Following last week's Sam Dekker images, this update cumz as a bit of a downer, unless you're into jocks and twinks ... if you are - you're in for a real treat:


For the full version of this video, please click HERE to visit COLT.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sam Dekker

Calling these images of COLT-ICON Sam Dekker a return would be an exaggeration. They are more of a rediscovery as Sam's images hadn't been available any more at all. Dug up from the COLT vault, remastered and digitized now here they are - image-sets of one of the most amazing, most iconic COLT-men of them all:

These are only some of the rediscovered and remastered images of Sam - to see them all, please click HERE to enter the COLT-STUDIO website.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Whatever Happened To ... DEAN PHOENIX ...?

He is, in my opinion, the man with the most amazing cock in gay porn (or ONE of them!) and certainly the man with the most handsome, most alluring smile and face. And there, he's disappeared! I wish, he'd put in the occasional appearance ... he owes us one, at least! 

In the meantime - here's Dean emerging from the waters, stripping off his trunks and snorkeling gear, to reveal that once-in-a-lifetime cock of his:

... luckily, there are plenty of pics and vids of Dean for us to wank to on the COLT website until he finally decides to cum out of his self-imposed retirement ... hopefully, he won't be too long, though ...   ...

Saturday, 5 April 2014

All About Erron

Erron's one of the earliest COLT models. And one of the hottest he is, too! 

Those of you familiar with the COLT history will know him from The Best of COLT series where he has a really hot scene with Ledermeister.

But COLT - bless them! - have now found a prequel to Erron's famous scene with Ledermeister, one in which he hits it off with Paul Shippneck ( ... and a few others ...). 

... for more on this scene, please click HERE!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Spencer Reed

A seasoned pornstar, Spencer's never looked hotter than he does on these pictures! Is it the light, the beard, the fact that Spence has bulked up even more ... or his body-hair ... or simply the fact that a very skilled photographer worked his magic here ...?

... whatever it is or may be, if you want more of it, please click HERE to visit COLT!

Friday, 28 March 2014


... load after load after dick-squirting load from 7 different COLT movies cumming from COLT studs like Adam Champ, Edu Boxer, Leo Rocca, and Carlo Masi:


Watch the full load by logging on to COLT.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Back By Popular Demand: Matt Horner aka Mike Hamilton

These photos of Matt Horner are pure vintage COLT - although I've heard that he's looking even bigger now.

I do hope that somebody from COLT cumz across this post, gets the message, and gives Matt a call for frankly - he's one of the hottest, sexiest, men in my book. ... and it appears, quite a few readers of this blog agree with me! Cum on - how many men do you know with such an exquisite face, such a huge perfect body ... ... to say nothing of that uniquely beautiful, massive dick!

Matt Horner aka Mike Hamilton appears courtesy of COLT.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Seth Fornea

Seth Fornea has done one teaser before for COLT ... a teaser so hot, it had the whole world anxiously waiting for more!

And now we finally get it! 

See Seth here in all his gingery, rippled, muscled, glory before getting ready for a good, long, horny solo session ...

  Seth Fornea's videos are all available now by logging on to COLT.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Colt-Icon: Anthony Page

Anthony Page was one of those many COLT men whose sole nude pictures were to be found in COLT magazine - and now they have been digitally remastered and are available in HD for the first time on the COLT website!

Though his appearances were rare, and he might not be as well known to the occasional porn consumer as some of his more famous colleagues, he more than deserves to be included in the COLT canon, and with his newly available pic-set, he's now officially a COLT-ICON!

For Anthony's complete image gallery, please click HERE to enter COLT.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Missing: Zak Spears

A few years ago he was practically everywhere, now he's nowhere! Zak Spears seems to have retired from porn and if so - wouldn't that be a bloody shame! I miss seeing his big bear body and masculine face in action, a face which we've cum to get used to over the years ever since Zak made his first tender porn appearance on the mid-1990s as nothing more than (relatively) thin jock!

He's since matured into a veritable muscle-daddy, one of the hottest and boldest out there! ... but now he's gone ... WHERE exactly, nobody knows?

Well, whilst we're waiting for his return, here's a reminder of just how sexy this man is and what we're all looking forward to when Zak's making his next appearance (which, hopefully, won't be long in cumming ...).

For free previews of some of Zak's videos, please click HERE.