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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Franco Corelli Recharging His Tool

Franco Corelli definitely was - actually: still is! - one of COLT's most popular strokers! Being str8, he never made a hardcore flick for the studio but similar to his rival, Carl Hardwick, his COLT solo videos are numerous, and they are hot!

This one here, called ReCharge, is from COLT MINUTE MAN 18 which also features fellow muscle-Gods Carl Hardwick as well as Billy Herrington:

The full episode is availableHERE.

The full video of ReCharge can be accessed HERE!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Jamie Blyton in: A Man's View

Taking a mid-day tea break, athletic hunk Jamie Blyton reads his paper, casually looking out one of the many windows of his study overlooking the city. Something catches his eye as Jamie notices a naked, muscular stud stroking his big dick in a nearby window. Distracted by the sight, Jamie spills his tea on his pants and soon finds himself completely naked and there with his monster uncut cock standing at full attention!

Naked and aroused Jamie watches the stud stroking at the window as he grips his man-tool tight. 

With a cock that requires two hands for adequate stroking, Jamie turns his attention to his own thick piece of man-meat. Hours spent milking his large cock by the window has Jamie's smooth-muscled body on fire and ready to explode. The fireworks unleash as his raging cock erupts with a hot load shooting high up on his chest, drenching his torso in white steamy cum.


For the full video of Jamie's solo - please click HERE!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Carpenter Ray Mars Needs To Unload ...

When the COLT MINUTE MAN series was still in its early days, with each and every update starring one COLT legend after another - that's when this uniquely hot scorcher of carpenter Ray Mars busting a nut, was recorded.

If you're not yet familiar with this one - you'll see that this is vintage COLT at its peak and at its very, very, best, featuring a hot fantasy-plot, the perfect camera angles, and last but not least, a masculine, muscle-packed, stud who looks exactly what a masculine, muscle-packed stud, is supposed to look like, men who've since become synonymous with COLT STUDIO itself!

Gents across the world, here's Carpenter Ray Mars:

For more on Ray, please click HERE!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

COLT-ICON Cal Sinclair

In this awesome COLT classic, iconic COLT man Cal Sinclair treats you to a truly sizzling hot muscle-worship session:

... find more on  Cal by following this link!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Big Max Gets Muscle-Worshipped By His Mates From The Building Site:

For all fans of bodybuilder-cum-construction-worker Big Max (by the way, I'm his biggest!), this one's truly not to be missed as he's getting his fantastic body worshipped not by one, but by two hot studs at the same time:

For more on Big Max, please go to COLT-STUDIO-GROUP!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Neal Shaw And Michael Christopher Roughing It In the Californian Woods

Both men look like they've just entered the Natural Man Contest ... and won! Furry, rugged, slightly (but not too) muscled, Neal and Michael are going at it in the rough and raw Californian wilderness.
And rough and raw is just how they like it - best!

To watch the full scene, click HERE, please!

Sharkey Curren

It's one those unforgettable videos (and pictorials, for it also appeared in a hardcopy of  COLT) that'll stay with me probably until the day I die ... it's because I first saw it when I was still (relatively) young and the expression on Sharkey Curren's face as he's frantically stroking his long schlong is something that's burnt itself into my memory, finding it as hot today as I did back then!

Sadly, Sharkey Curren's only done one video for COLT - unfortunately - for he'd have had the potential to become a huge COLT icon, but somehow that didn't happen. No idea why.

To watch Sharkey's video in full, please click HERE to go to COLT!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Legendary Kyle Jessup, Flexing, Posing, And ...

He's one of COLT's most iconic, most memorable stars of yore. A Legendary Body indeed! A man who's name is identified with COLT and who's an indelible part of COLT history:

Watch Kyle's full posing and flexing show HERE!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Gay Porn Legend And COLT-Icon Rod Roddick

The legendary Rod Roddick was famous for his fabulous body, including his trademark Playboy tattoo just above his cock, and for his classically handsome, masculine face. Though sadly, he's no longer with us - thanks to the Internet his vids and pics are preserved for posterity and so we're able to still enjoy his amazing physique and jerk-off skills which, by the way, challenge our own (jerk-off skills), for who can possibly keep his dick in his pants while watching hot hunk Rod stroking his ....errr ...rod ..?!

Find more on Rod on the COLT website!

Monday, 6 April 2015


This chauffeur is driven ... sex-driven, no surprise, then, he can't keep his hands of his clients ... no sooner does he lay eyes on them, than his uniform cumz off and his chubby dick out ...


Driven, or as this video is really called, Man-To-Man-Heat-Scene-6, can be watched on the COLT website.