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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Connor Maguire Tops Armond Rizzo In: embrace

In the latest episode of embrace steeled, beautiful and smooth-as-silk Latin jock Armond Rizzo gets his ass pounded by studly Connor Maguire (who, in the previous episode, had his ass pounded by the stud-to-end-all-studs, the hot-blooded Brazilian Jimmy Durano!). 


embrace, the full movie, can be watched by clicking HERE.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Jimmy Durano & Connor Maguire in: EMBRACE

Called EMBRACE, the latest COLT flick stars hot Brazilian muscle-hunk Jimmy Durano who once more proves that he's one of the hottest, sexiest looking, hunks active in gay porn today! Seeing him caressing Connor Maguire's hairy ass-crack is a massive turn-on, but what I especially love about this latest COLT offering is, that it isn't just all about fucking - the old shoving it in and riding ass - there's more to it ... as you'll see when you watch the clip!

Finally, two guys in a (gay) porn flick kissing and jerking off together! Dunno about YOU - but this is right up my alley!!!

EMBRACE can be watched in full by visiting the COLT website! Alternativey, you can just click HERE!

Friday, 11 July 2014

JD Amos & His Hot Hole!

JD Amos is a man with many assets. A tremendous many, actually! I'd even go so far as to say that he's one of the hottest men I've ever laid eyes on. That said, if I had to put my finger on JD's hottest feature - it would have to be his muscled bubble-butt, a butt which he so willingly shows off:

If you're not familiar with JD's amazingly hot solo videos yet are a butthole aficionado, I'd strongly advise you to watch the clips below for JD doesn't just show off his butt (and hole!) for the photographer, but for the cinematographer as well. And best of all, you can watch him fiddling and playing with his hole:

For more on JD Amos, please click HERE.

Friday, 27 June 2014

COLT-VAULT CLASSICS, scene 9: Dakota, Chris Dickersen & John Tristram

What better way to wrap up a visit to the COLT-VAULT than with a steamy outdoor three-way between full grown muscle-bound men!?

When COLT Men like these get together a whole lot of hot, sweaty, muscle and raging testosterone are on full display. Dakota, a true and rugged man’s man teams up with John Tristram and bodybuilding champion (Mr. Olympia 1982, no less!) Chris Dickerson.

Naked and ready for serious action, these three super-hot men explore each other’s bodies to the full! Sucking, rimming and fucking the day away on a spacious and private outdoor patio.

Hard cocks, hot asses and thick COLT-Man-Muscles as far as the eye can see!

... and here's a glimpse of what this rare and absolutely hot scene is all about:


  And to watch the full version of this episode, please click HERE to go to COLT.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Kyle Jessup

Kyle Jessup is one of the hottest, most perfect, men ever featured on the pages of COLT. Finally, the studio has had the wherewithal to dedicate one of their ICON-series to this uniquely handsome man.

But I'd go even one step further - Kyle Jessup is quite simply one of the hottest men of all time! His masculine beauty, his absolutely amazing body, and his no-bullshit attitude have made him into a sensation!

He's not just a COLT-ICON - he's a gay porn icon!

To see all of his newly digitized and previously unreleased, images, please click HERE to enter COLT .

Friday, 13 June 2014

Frolicking By The Pool

With the heatwave upon us, there's nothing better than frolicking by the pool - or in it - preferably in the company with one - or several - of the men below:

... if none of these men are available, there's always the imagination ... and to fuel that imagination, there's always COLT! Luckily!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Shorts Supply

Today's weather forecast: 

New York: sunny, 24C 

London: sunny, 22C 

Paris: sunny, 19C 

 Berlin: sunny, 20C 

 Sao Paolo: sunny, 21C 

 Los Angeles: sunny, 29C 

 Nairobi: sunny, later Rains, 25C 

 New Delhi: sunny, later rains, 41C 

 Tel Aviv: sunny, 25C 

 ... so what else to wear but this:

... if you feel really hot and need something to take edge off and your mind off the heat - here's something that might help ... !