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Friday, 31 December 2010

Ernie Langeberg, From: Colt

Ernie Langeberg, after he was taken on board by Rip Colt/ Jim French, appeared on the pages of Colt on several occasions over the course of the mid to late 1970s. Unfortunately, I don't have the precise dates of his appearances. Anyhow, I'm sure no one cares, as all eyes will be on Ernie's most distinctive feature, the one that put him on the map and made him famous: His landmark meaty, uncut cock!

For more vintage Colt men, please log on to their website by clicking HERE!

Ernie Langeberg, From: Playgirl, March 1974

Ernie Langeberg's spread for Playgirl from March, 1974. In those early years of the magazine, non-nude pictures still outnumbered the nude ones, all, presumably, to keep up appearances in order to give the rag an image of erotica rather than pornography. In any case, the line between the two is arguably extremely thin and a question of definition, to begin with.

Ernie Langeberg, From: Dynamo Magazine, 1976

Ernie Langeberg, an early Playgirl-model - his spread appeared in 1974, a year after the magazine's founding - who was subsequently recruited by Jim French for Colt ( ... or was it the other way round ...?), seen here in a pictorial for Dynamo magazine from 1976.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Franco Abruzzi Takes A Shower

Italian stallion Franco Abruzzi - one of the most popular men of Colt-Studio, a legend among Colt-models, and certainly one of Jim French's most spectacular discoveries. I have yet to come across somebody who does not fall for this incredibly hot uber-macho whose collaboration with Colt, though short, has resulted in a small, but scorching hot number of videos and pictures which can be viewed on the Colt-website by clicking HERE.

Terry Bunz

I am deeply into uniforms and one of my biggest turn-ons is seeing a man slowly, teasingly, stripping out of one before jerking off.

One of my earliest Colt recollections is watching a video from the Colt Minute Man series from the early 1990s in which sexy Terry Bunz does just that: Dressed as a cowboy, he delivers a strip show the likes of which I have never seen again since and which had me going off like a rocket! This man sure understands the art of (cock-)teasing!

Terry Bunz' pictures and videos are available on the Colt website.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Franco Kier aka Tony Ward

Franco Kier, better known as Tony Ward. Franco/ Tony's looks differ somewhat from the standard prototype of the quintessential Colt-man of that period. His spread in Colt magazine some time in the late 1980s is one of his rare appearances in (gay) porn - to my knowledge anyway - as shortly after he met Madge, who took him under her wing. The rest, as they say, is history.

Meanwhile, more pictures of Franco Kier aka Tony Ward can be found on the Colt-website by clicking HERE!

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Dallas Flynn in Black & White

Dallas Flynn is another hot Colt discovery, seldom seen to collaborate with any studio or photographer other than Jim French/ Rip Colt. Similar to Rip Colt's other work, his pictures of Dallas Flynn also are clearly inspired by the photography of Horst and Leni Riefenstahl, who would also have an influence on Robert Mapplethorpe. However, Mapplethorpe, I am sure, was equally influenced by Rip Colt, and it upsets me that Rip Colt is not granted the same amount of recognition which was - eventually - bestowed on Robert Mapplethorpe since the latter evidently took his cue from the former. But such is the hypocrisy in our society that one is considered high art while the other is dismissed as pornography - as if the fact of something being pornographic would preclude it from also being art.

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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Ivan Parish

We have all seen gazillions of pictures of Carl Hardwick, Franco Corelli and Pete Kuzak plus a number of other iconic Colt models. Though extremely sexy no doubt, what this blog wants to achieve, is highlighting the contribution of lesser known yet equally hot men whose participation is often eclipsed by their famous counterparts. And one of these lesser known, but extremely sexy, Colt men of the 1970s and 80s is Ivan Parish. In my own humble opinion, quite simply first-rate j/o material!

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