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Monday, 31 January 2011

Don Arden, Part 4

As anyone has been able to guess by now - yes, I am a huge fan of Don Arden. I think he's the perfect mix of cute, sexy and masculine. Someone you'd want to cuddle up to, wake up next to, yet have wild abandoned sex with. At least for me, those three things are seldom compatible. Don Arden hits the spot, and I could fall in love just looking at his pictures ... No doubt, the day Rip Colt discovered him was an exceedingly high point in his career.

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Don Arden, Part 3:

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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Owen Moore, Part 1

Legendary Colt body Owen Moore flexes and poses and ...:

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

... and the winner is ...: Pete Kuzak!

... and I must say that I was a little surprised by it. For although Pete Kuzak's a very hot, sexy and masculine stud no doubt, and in many ways the epitome of the Colt man, the same could be said about Carl Hardwick, who received only a shockingly low 9% of the vote, as opposed to Pete, who got 16%. If anything, I'd have expected it to be a neck-and-neck ...

But what really disappointed me is, that my own personal favourite, Ledermeister, ended up entirely defeated, receiving a mere 5% of all votes cast. And even my second favourite, Steve Kelso, couldn't stop Pete on his way to victory. Worse, he even was defeated by the one Colt man - the only one! - that does little for me: John Pruitt!

Anyhow - I don't mean to moan! Pete Kuzak IS a very hot man indeed! ... very!!! As the pictures that follow go to show ...:



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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Mitchell Rabida

A rarely seen Colt man, Mitchell Rabida is as beautiful as he's masculine and sexy:

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Monday, 24 January 2011

Colt 'staches

I recently received an email from a blog-follower, saying how much he he's getting off on the many moustaches that he sees on this and my other blog, Macho-Addiction. Being deeply into moustaches myself, his email inspired me to the post that follows of 7 iconic Colt 'staches:

Carl Hardwick:

Steve Kelso:

Duke Vitale:

Ed Rhinehart:

Dave Lash:

Clint Lockner:

Brad Hutch:

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