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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Kristian Alvarez & Blake Nolan

In this non-vintage COLT video cub Eddy Mataro is spit-roasted by hot COLT studs Kristian Alvarez and Blake Nolan:

Click HERE to see the full film on!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kristian Alvarez

Kristian Alvarez has bulked up recently, now looking beefier and meatier than ever which matches his huge and fat, uncut schlong:

If you click HERE you'll be taken to an overview of Kristian's available pictures and videos for COLT!

Monday, 29 August 2011

501's - Old, New, Torn, Dirty, Cum-Stained ...

Mark Sierra & Tony Ganz:


Mario Garza:

Ken Orsini:

Jesse Ditmar:

John Box:

Al Parker:

Andy Klein:

Click HERE for more vintage porn with vintage pornstars and bodybuilders wearing what today would be dubbed vintage 501 but which was - and actually is - one of the hottest, sexiest items worn by any man anywhere!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Glen Steers In: The Company We Keep

This really comes straight from the COLT vaults, a film that was believed lost has been rediscovered!

Sexy, masculine COLT man Glen Steers fucking his co-worker Cole Taylor in the office:

Watch the full film of The Company We Keep by clicking HERE!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ed Vantresca

As announced yesterday, following Ed's Playgirl pictorial, today's post features some of Ed's photos for COLT. He's always been one of my favourite COLT men, although I'm well aware that the COLT stable included many men far more muscled, far more gorgeous, than him. Still, there's something about Ed that I can't quite put my finger on that puts him up a notch over - almost - everybody else and which makes him irresistibly sexy ... ... to me, anyway:

Ed's fantastic body, his sexy moustache, his insanely handsome face and ... ... that smile:

Ed's beautiful, perfectly shaped, tool and his sexy, cheeky, manly, smile which isn't really a smile but an expression that can't quite decide whether it's gonna be a smile or not but which makes him look sooo fuckin' friggin' sexy and masculine:

Ed's incredibly sexy, beefy butt:

Ed Vantresca - the stud my red-hot-wet dreams and nights are made of! I wonder what became of him ... any idea?

Find more on Ed on!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Ed Vantresca, From; Playgirl, October 1993

Compulsive edger and aficionado of vintage porn that I am, I could (and often do) spend hours watching old COLT pics and vids, sifting through the archives on Vintage Gay Loops or going over my collection of vintage Playgirl rags.

I'm lovin' it!

I'm especially intrigued - not to mention turned on - by those guys who worked for both, Playgirl and COLT. One of them was hunky - sexy - gorgeous - masculine - handsome - Ed Vantresca. To this day I still remember when his Playgirl spread appeared, as much for Ed's sexy looks as for the actual photographs which perfectly capture his masculinity.

I guess there's no need telling you that I spilled gallons of jizz over Ed, so much so that that particular Playgirl issue was soon all sticky and stained with the cum I splashed all over it. That wasn't the first time that had happened - but it sure was one of the worst as before long the pages were all glued together so that I could no longer open the goddam rag!

Luckily, I've since bought a new copy of that issue on iOffer (for considerably more money than what I paid back then!!), and here are Ed's pictures:

Check back in to THE MEN OF COLT tomorrow for some of Ed's pics for Rip COLT. Alternatively, you can log on to Ed's page at COLT by clicking HERE!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Macho-Addiction 1

Good news for all aficionados of vintage alphamales: The all-new Macho-Addiction 1 is up and running at long last!

As before, Macho-Addiction 1 still is the home of vintage porn, where the men of Honcho, Colt, and Playgirl were King - on Macho-Addiction 1, however, they still are!

Check it out today: Macho-Addiction 1 (


Thor Anders:

Duke Vitale:

Byron Hawkwood:

Ward Austin:

Ed Rhinehart:

Cal Sinclair:

Please click HERE to watch these hot COLT men stretching and flexing all other muscles!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Denny And Ledermeister

This one's a real hot repairman fantasy, featuring COLT models Denny and Ledermeister:

Click HERE for the full film!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Erron And Ledermeister

This one's a hot one, starring early COLT discovery Erron about having raunchy sex with Ledermeister:

Please visit Ledermeister's COLT page for the full film. Just click HERE!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Bruno (6): Bruno, Today

For Bruno's profile on Big-Muscle, please click HERE!

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Mandate from March 1979:

Born in Cuba, moved to Miami, when he was 10 years old. Once interested in professional weightlifting titles, Bruno changed his mind.
"What do you really have if you're Mister America? ...Yeah I had a sponsor ...who wanted to keep me. But being kept means you have to do everything they want."

Bruno had his first pictures taken when he was eighteen.
"This guy was putting a book together, and he asked me if I wanted to be in it, and I said yes. It was sole nudes of myself and of a few other guys, but no contact."

No other photos were taken until Bruno met Jon Target, who was working for Colt Studio, before starting his own company.
"He gave me his card, and said that when I was ready to model to give him a call. About two or three months later I called him and went to New York. Then I went to California to be photographed by Rip Colt. Both sets of photographs were used in the Gallery magazine that Colt did on me."

Bruno claims he didn't have to do any pretending in Target's film Special Handling with Roger (according to Jon Target "It shows").
"I had a good time with Roger, even though he is not gay. He's married now. But he gets into the scene, and gets a hard on. For him, it's more acting than anything else. (Roger) just turned me on physically. I didn't care for him as a person. I mean, he's nice, but I don't really like to deal with straight people that much. He's nice enough that he understands the scene. At least he's not one of those macho types."

"I have a degree in business and a job in the rate department of the airline, so I don't have to depend on that (Judge at a Groovy Guy contest) sort of thing. I had an offer from a guy in England to do a gay version of Grand Hotel, but I didn't care for the people he wanted to use, like Peter Berlin. Besides, my lover gets very jealous when I go on those assignments."

From: Mandate, March 1979

This issue - which, sadly, I do not currently possess, also contains the following:

Araby (photos by Roy Blakey)
Virgil (center - photos by Usher aka Len Tavares)
Bruno Interview (photos by Len Tavares)
Larry (photos by Man's Image)
Fashion [Nick Poulos] (cover - photos by Roy Blakey)
Maggie Smith interview
Egypt (photos by Jurgen Vollmer)

This image, which once more epitomises his unique and extraordinary masculinity, finally concludes my series on legendary COLT-model Bruno, which I hope you enjoyed!

If you want to visit COLT, you can do so by clicking HERE!