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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Jake Andrews

... don't know about you guys, but Jake Andrews sure is one of my all-time dream-men ... I could go crazy over that face, that body, that butt and ... that cock!

Click HERE for a free pic-set of Jake!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dylan Roberts, Cameron Marshall In: Impulsive

I don't think I've ever posted a COLT scene quite as recent as this one, with guys that are more in the jock than in the alphamale category ... Anyhow, I found the pics of this scene rather hot, and besides, this blog - The Men Of COLT - is supposed to cover all of COLT, including recent as well as vintage content, which is why I decided, hell, I'll give it a try!

Feel free to comment to tell me what you think!

Click HERE to watch all five episodes of Impulsive!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Gage, Pounding His Meat

In this one, muscle-hunk Gage Weston is pounding his meat and clearly loves doing it for the camera(-man?):

Click HERE to access COLT, Minute Man Nr. 26 to see Gage unload!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Marc Vallint Tops Bronson Gates

A bear’s life isn’t all hard work. A quiet lull in the day finds muscle-bull Marc Vallint enjoying some rest in the sun. Idle hands soon find themselves very busy as Marc’s meaty bulge screams for some attention. Stripping away his shirt and pulling out his cock, Marc soon attracts some hot company. As if attracted to the scent of man-meat, rugged muscle-bear Bronson Gates arrives on the scene and circles in on his prey.

Bronson gets his paws on some of that thick muscled fur as he feeds Marc his rock hard cock. Leaning back with a cock in his mouth, Marc’s thick body looks so hot that Bronson has to get himself a taste. Going down he devours Marc’s thick meaty cock as Marc reaches around for a handful of Bronson’s hot bare-ass.

Stripping off the last bits of clothes these guys really eat each other up. Turning his attention back to Bronson’s hot muscled butt, Marc dives his face right in. Licking and probing that hot ass until it’s begging for more. Bending over a stump Bronson braces himself for a pounding. Marc thrust his cock in balls deep and from the first thrust it’s an all-out power-fuck. Getting down on all fours on the grass, Bronson takes it hard. Pummeling that ass makes Marc’s balls ache for release. Fucking himself to the tipping point Marc pulls out and gushes his load on Bronson’s arched back. And when his balls are drained he squats his ass down on Bronson’s face, giving Bronson that extra inspiration to help him shoot a nut buster.

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Friday, 23 September 2011

Gus Mattox In: Big Rig (2)

Next in Big Rig, Gus, the trucker, meets Colby Taylor, another young jock, who rides Gus' schlong while the two men kiss and embrace passionately:

The tail rider:

Kiss me, fucker!

Watch the full movie of Big Rig by clicking HERE!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Gus Mattox In: Big Rig (1)

In Big Rig Gus Mattox plays a brutal trucker who takes on a young jock (Jason Crew) and pounds him relentlessly:

Yours for the pounding:

Squirt and spritzz:

Click HERE for access to the full episode!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Werner Robels, Josh A., And Mike In: Man-To-Man Heat 2

3 little known COLT men star in this hot, vintage fantasy about 2 carpenters doing work on a house who get into a tiff with the owner. The result: lots of rimming and cock-sucking ...

Watch all episodes of Man-To-Man Heat 2 on the COLT-website!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Walter Soares In: Pumping Fever

In this hot stroking and pumping solo-fantasy, a fitness trainer fantasises about having sex with his client. Prepare yourselves for great physiques, steaming hot bodies, all very well put together with excellent sound effects and great editing:

Watch the whole film by logging on to COLT by clicking HERE!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Vin Marco Gets Off On Admiring Himself

I always get off on watching hot, sexy, straight bodybuilders getting off by looking at themselves ... ... in fact, (watching) a straight bodybuilder stroking his meat while he's admiring his own image is a fetish in itself! It sure gets me off like a rocket. Even more so if the bodybuilder's as hot as Vin Marco:

See more of Vin's perfection, his amazing physique, and his sexy, winning smile here:

Log on to Vin's COLT-page HERE!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Butthole-Play With Trent Fosters

In this, his first and only solo for COLT, a hairy and bearded Trent Fosters starts out with some intense butthole play which quickly leads to equally intense stroking of his fat Aussie manmeat:

For the full video, please click HERE to enter COLT!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Mike Dasher

Lips or eyes don't come much hotter or more beautiful than this:

Check out Mike's hot solo for COLT and see him writhe, making love with himself as he savours every stroke, every split-second, up to the moment he explodes:

And see Mike as he's going down on Carlo Masi before Carlo starts examining and preparing Mike's rosebud for a deep and rough pounding:

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Friday, 16 September 2011

Modern Beefcake: Anton Harri

That's how the guys from Men At Play, where Antton started his career, describe this sexy, latter-day beefcake:

Originating from Northern Spain, Antton was a blast of fresh air when he arrived at our London office for his interview. His sexy accent and stunning looks won us over immediately and left us gasping for more. And although we struggled to break trough his shyness, he eventually agreed to show us his best 'skills'. A perfectly smooth muscular body, beautifully rounded bubble butt and a dick that left our mouths watering.

Here's a pic-set of Antton for COLT:

Watch Anton getting fucked by Remo Ferri:

For more of Antton's pics and vids for COLT, click HERE, to see his videos for Men At Play, please click HERE!