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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tom Chase And Darin

I am rather a cynic when it comes to love ... and yet, I admit I'm still able to drool over a pic like this:

... you actually get the feeling that they're not just doing it for the money!

Same here - Tom Chase'e eyes in this picture speak volumes. I don't know if Darin and Tom are a real-life couple, but if they are, I bet you they fell in love while shooting this very film!

... and of course, that's what follows ... and what better way to make love than an old-fashioned bed amidst a cowboy's corral ...?!

For a free pic-set of this scene, click HERE, or else watch the free trailer below:

... and the full movie HERE!


Ray's Cowboy said...


Leatherpigboy said...

Looks like I need to have a bed outdoors

Stan said...

Tom Chase is so fucking hot!

Anonymous said...

It would seem Darin and Tom (& bed) were sucked up by a Twister and deposited smack in the middle of the 'Field of Dreams'. Auntie Emm! - Montana Cowboy

Anonymous said...

I love how about 25-30 seconds into the video, you can see traffic going by on the highway. Wouldn't it be great to be going by and discovering this while out on a drive?

Koba said...

Love the bed in the field concept - esp. with the cars going by in the distance!