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Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Cop-Story

What happened was this:

I was arrested for speeding the other day and taken to the police headquarters. There were 5 police officers present and they made a big deal of the fact that I drove 90m/ h instead of 65. They abused me verbally and manhandled me, just so they could release their pent-up sexual energy! I was really pissed off so what I did was, upon being released on bail I snuck into their changing room, took out my smart phone, and secretly took pictures of every single police officer giving me a hard time while they were changing. Their name badge helped me to identify each sonuvabitch!

I can't wait for them to stumble across on their own nude pic in the worldwide web!

This is bloody Officer Glen Steers, who handcuffed me, spat on me, and insulted me verbally:

... he was assisted by Officer Pete Kuzak, who egged him on and got a huge rise out of it:

Officer Scott Sloan was the one who stopped my car and arrested me in the first place:

... had it not been for Officer Tony Mills (who seemed to have a soft spot for me), I think I'd still be in jail. But he had mercy on me and pushed for my being released on bail:

The most brutal one was Officer Wade Neff. He slapped my face and shouted a torrent of abuse at me that would even make Charlie Sheen blush! I know for a fact that he was itching to stick his schlong up my butt and it was only the presence of his colleagues that prevented him! He's a mean man with an ever meaner attitude. Definitely in the wrong job!

Check out the website of the police headquarters HERE!


Ray's Cowboy said...

WOOF on all of these HOT Men.


Koba said...

LOL! I think I would have waived bail!

Leatherpigboy said...

LOL i think after taking these pics i would be speeding again

Stan said...

Great post! I would have been mad that they didn't all tag team me.

Anonymous said...

These sons of a bitches, wait till I get my hands on them, I'll show them.

Can you imagine if they had gangbanged you, the outrage!

Which precinct was it...?

Justin said...

LOL. Great post mate. I'll make sure to speed in the future.

Stephen said...


Anonymous said...

And, as always, Scotty Sloan's gun 'went-off', (prematurely). His Commanding Officer Wade Neff wiped the spooge off his moustache and reassured him with 'aw, it's allright kid.' - Montana Cowboy