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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Pics Of My Co-Workers

I started working in a new office recently. Though I was really glad that finally landed a new job, at long last, it didn't take me long to realise that I ended up in some really dodgy outfit!

I mean, I didn't mind so much that the guy sitting next to me was forever playing with his dick while working on the computer, nor did I care that at one point I caught two guys making out in the loo during their lunch break, but I have to say that some of these characters really did go too far.


It goes without saying that I'm not one to tell on these poor sods to our boss (after all, these are tough times, and who can afford to lose one's job, right?), but I do think it won't hurt to put the pics - which I secretly took - of what some of my co-workers were getting up to in the web. If they see them - serves them right!

This is Buck Hayes, my co-worker. In his lunch-break, when no one's watching, he tends to strip out of his suit and plays with himself. Can you believe it?

Franco Abruzzi actually works in another department. I caught him fingering his hole in the loo one day:

This twisted fuck, Franco Corelli, is known to have a tuxedo fetish. During his lunch break, whenever he gets a chance he dresses up in bow-tie and all and does funny things like prancing about in the men's room, peering through holes and some such things while wearing his tux ... ... (well, you can just imagine what else he does ...):

And this is the head of our department, Mark Rutter. More then once he's said to have been sexually abusing poor suckers applying for a job and had them suck his dick:

Well ... I don't think any of you guys care to work for such a depraved outfit ... do you ...? Well, just in case, HERE's a link to this company's website!


Leatherpigboy said...

Very hot

Stan said...

Fuck yeah! Is this place still hiring?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need a strong hand or two at the office, to set things straight.

On the other hand if the numbers are up, why quit a winning team.

So I say let the juices flow and relax, it's a man's world.