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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

COLT: Hot New Talent (4) - Muscled ManMeat

Jason Ridge:

David Dakota:

Kane O'Farrell:

Mike Buffalari:

Nate Karlton:

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Ray's Cowboy said...

David and Nate wins it for me.I really could a 3 way with them.


Leatherpigboy said...

Nate is really the only one COLT worthy. Damn i hate the new Colt Models, sorry! Just think Colt needs to go back and look at the types of Men they used and why that made them so popular and last as longs as they have.

Stan said...

To me Mike Buffalari and Nate Karlton are worthy!

glen0330 said...

I agree that the new men aren't nearly what type of image Colt originated. You KNEW he was a Colt Man back then. Now they just look like every other guy with muscles. "The Look" has been gone for a looong time now.

Koba said...

Gotta love Jason!

Anonymous said...

Mike Buffalari is a smokin' hot muscle stud!