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Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Men Of Yesterday (20): John Pruitt

No one in his right mind would ever deny that John Pruitt's looks, face, and body are very inspirational indeed ...

desire under the elms

... "here's looking at you kid ..."

splendour in the grass

... "I'll be right over ..."

... toeing the line ...

the thief of my heart

"Tis Apollo comes leading / His choir, the Nine. / The leader is fairest, / But all are divine.”

For John Pruitt's picture-sets and videos, please click HERE!


Ray's Cowboy said...

I have to admit he is the person I would love to really Meet. He is A Man amoung Men. Totally HOT. He is th eone for me; ever since I was young I thought he was IT.


Leatherpigboy said...

i just dont know if they make Men like this any more!?!?

Stan said...

Especially love John with fur.

glen0330 said...


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"settings" then "comments" and scroll down to "Show word verification for
comments?" PLEASE click NO!!!!! Then save settings! This doesn't have anything to do with spam! I've been blogging for years and NEVER got spammed through comments. It won't prevent some idiot from posting a comment
which they can do anyway with the word verification.

This comes from Ray, of "Ray's Cowboys" blog.

Koba said...

Hi Martin, While I do love your blog(s), I'mafraid this will be my last comment on here until you get rid of the word verification process. The new two-word thing is very annoying and can't be made out half the time. Moreover, the process does absolutely nothing to protect your blog. Please let me know if/when you remove it.


Now making my second attempt to post this comment because I got it wrong the first time... Grrr

Red-Hot-Chilli said...

sorry, guys ... I wasn't even aware that a word verification was required on THIS blog in order to leave a comment!!! I sure didn't set it up! All I noticed that suddenly MOST other blogs required word verification when leaving a comment ... Anyhow, I now got rid of it!

Stan said...

Big Thanks Martin!

Koba said...

THANKS from me too! Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Love the three shots of John lounging outdoors (4, 5 & 7)... sooo sexy!

i1pp4u said...

This guy is more than likely the most drooled after straight boy in the history of gay porn, he gets credit for ton of cum.

i1pp4u said...

This guy is more than likely the most drooled after straight boy in the history of gay porn. He is responsible for tons of cum.