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Sunday, 26 February 2012

More From The COLT Vault

This clip perfectly exemplifies the difference between good porn and bad porn (the latter of which, sadly, applies to a large extent to what's being churned out today!). It's a vintage COLT video, dug up from the vaults (literally) and it is a sheer perfect example of what made Rip Colt so unique!

The scene opens with two guys having sex in what looks like a garage. But before long, the camera pulls back and we're in a room with Cole Carpenter making love with his lover and you begin to realise that - just like us - they're watching a porn video to get them hot. As I always say, Rip Colt elevated porn to art. Not that porn would need that particular distinction for justification - it doesn't! - but it still is great to see that somebody had the vision, the guts, and the desire to turn it into more than just another wham-bang-thank-you-mam operation!

This video stars Chris Thompson, Cory Monroe, the insanely hot and masculine Pierce Daniels starring as the lover of legendary Colt Carpenter.

You can watch the complete episode HERE!


Koba said...

Very hot! Pierce Daniels has always been a fave!

Stan said...

Whoever the cocksucker in the porn is, he's a great at sucking cock!
I loved watching porn when I had a partner.