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Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Men Of Yesterday (25): Jake Tanner

Yesterday's post, Back To Black, brought me back to an old favourite of mine - Jake Tanner, whom I've neglected lately. That's why I decided to dedicate today's post to him, one of the most outstanding men ever to grace the pages of COLT.

Jake Tanner and his then real-life partner, Ed Dinakos. This fact is what adds some extra hot spice to the already scorching hot film below - A Letter From Home - in which a soldier, Jake Tanner jerks off thinking about his partner back home. The partner being - you guessed it! - Ed Dinakos

A Letter From Home can be watched in full HERE.

Jake was, I think, the best and hottest cowboy ever featured in COLT, don't you think?

But having said that, Jake really doesn't need any disguise or uniform - with his beautiful, masculine, angular, face, his fantastic body, and most of all, his extraordinarily fat meat, he looks just as good natural, just wearing jeans:

Jake Tanner - The Perfect Man:

As one of COLT's most popular, most perfect, and most iconic men, Jake was quite prolific, resulting in a string of videos and galleries he did for COLT over the years. To view them all, please click HERE or on the picture below:


Ray's Cowboy said...

Very HOT MAN here. Love that big fat cock of his and those low hanging balls... Would love to play with him.


Koba said...

The film with Ed and Jake at a Ranch was WAY hot. One of the first I bought!

Stan said...

Jake Tanner is a huge and big-muscled Colt Studios porn star who stands about 5ft 8ins tall, has brown hair and blue eyes and who was born under the sign of Virgo in 1967. Based in California, he made most of his movies in the early 1990s.

Anonymous said...

Who knows his where about now?

Anonymous said...

What a duo! Both big beautiful guys in different sexy ways. More of both of them please!

Anonymous said...

Jake Tanner is sooo hot and sooo sexy. What a stud!

Anonymous said...

Jake was hot but his partner was my as fuck!!!!

Anonymous said...

My big man crush on him when i came out. Muscle ranch forever. Saw online that he is retired from porn. Masters in business. Has a real life with younger blond muscle boy. American wet dream.