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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ledermeister In: Shore Leave

I've previously posted a video clip of this hot scene from the COLT VAULT, but since it's such a hot one, not to mention probably the only truly hardcore scene on record Ledermeister ever participated in, I'm now posting some newly available vid-caps of this legendary episode which also features Rusty and David:

In a dark room, two horny men seek each other out and come together for a night of hot, manly passions. Rusty, looking tough and cruising in his leather comes face to face with David, a young and handsome Navy man on leave and looking for some hot man-on-man action in the big city. Getting down and dirty in a hurry they pull out each other’s bulging cocks and take their pleasures. As they lose themselves in their lust for each other, a burly muscular figure (Ledermeister) stands in the dark shadows watching them. Rough and ready leather-daddy Ledermeister moves in. Once these 3 men come together it’s a firestorm of hot 3-way man action. It’s a frenzy of cock hungry lust as Ledermeister, Rusty and David get downright nasty with each other!

I know that the wet and wild climax will have you watching this COLT VAULT scene again and again.

For more on this episode, please click HERE!

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Stan said...

great way to spend shore leave.