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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Love And Passion

I was a teenager when Paul Schrader's film American Gigolo was released in 1980 ... Already a movie buff (for lack of a better term), I also already knew that I was gay (though nobody else did ...), what I wasn't sure about was, what exactly I wanted, what kind of men I was looking for ... until I saw Schrader's film.
  American Gigolo 

The scene in the middle of the film, where Richard Gere - searching the killer - enters a gay bar in Los Angeles, with all the leather-clad men dancing to Cheryl Barnes' Love And Passion while sniffing on their bottles of Poppers (though I had no idea then that this was what they were sniffing), suddenly opened up a whole new world for me ... ... a world which I felt immediately drawn to, and which I later made my own ... at least for awhile ...

 Here's the song:


And here are the men:

Chet O'Roark

Ansel Kovak

Chad Hazard

Ivan Parrish

Harvey Catrell

George Dana

... I often think of those days, when I was young and life seemed so full promise and possibilities ... especially nowadays as life has turned out to be more of a maze than anything else ... luckily, there are the movies! ... American Gigolo is a much underrated film, seen with hindsight I'd even call it a small masterpiece, certainly one of the best films released that year (1980) and perhaps more than any other anticipated the conservative Reagan era that was to come by highlighting the hypocrisy of America's elite (or that anywhere). It is available on TLA-Movies ... ... ... and the best leather men can still be found on the COLT website.

That is one thing that hasn't changed since 1980!


Ray's Cowboy said...

I love the movie American Gigolo. Have it DVD. I also like 1 and3. CAn they cum over to watch it with me?


Stan said...

Loved the movie and I wish I could hire any one of these men to fuck me!

Koba said...

Great flick, and I love me some Chad!

Anonymous said...

interresting comment .
I do feel the same over the years.
good luck

Anonymous said...

Love that scene with interior of the club "Probe"...those were the days!