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Monday, 18 June 2012

Don Arden aka Mike Stone

I recently came across a vintage PLAYGIRL pictorial of COLT man Don Arden, known under the alias Mike Stone at PLAYGIRL.

I remember PLAYGIRL having had their infamous non-nude year some time toward the end of the 1980s (> the Reagan era, during which PLAYGIRL has cum under fire several times as the Reagan administration wanted to prevent the rag from showing exposed manmeat, and it worked for about 9 months or so, but with disastrous results!).

Anyway, Mike Stones' aka Don Arden's pictorial must have cum right before (or after? - I can't remember ...) the ban on exposed manmeat was lifted, though his PLAYGIRL spread is relatively tame compared to what he got up to for COLT shortly after.

Mike Stone, from PLAYGIRL, February 1988:


And Don Arden in his pictorial and jerk-off video for COLT:


  COLT has more on Don Arden aka Mike Stone. Visit the COLT website HERE!


Justin said...

Very handsome man. Great arse, love the 3rd pic from the bottom.

Koba said...

Wow. Hard to believe they are one in the same! I definitely prefer the Colt version! Yum!

karl said...

Beautiful looking man...they dont make 'em like this anymore, which 'tis a shame.

robin said...

Also known as Vinnie Marino and Ray Acosta. Parmi les plus jolies fesses du monde...

Anonymous said...

I want his ASS

Anonymous said...

As Vinnie Marino, he was sizzling hot in a couple of bondage videos!