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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Like A Mighty Oak: Casey Williams

COLT-man Casey Williams reminds me of a mighty, powerful, oak - well matured, awesome, invincible, resilient, ... and big.

To put it more plainly - he's one hot motherfucker!
COLT's just released a new pic-set of him, bringing out all his best features (of which there are plenty!):


... and here's sexy Casey's hot solo ...


 ... in the truly outstanding COLT release, Manpower, Casey pounds Marc Dylan:


 ... and for more on this mighty oak, please click HERE!


Justin said...

Wowee, he is one trunk of a man. Love pic 6

Stan said...

Casey Williams had a long, long career in porn, starting out in the mid-1990s and still going strong 10 years later after a break when he moved to Oklahoma with his boyfriend and worked in his family's business. Never really a headliner, he puts in solid performances. He stands about 5ft 9ins tall, has dark blond hair, a hard, defined body and tops and bottoms. He's based in California and has worked full-time behind the scenes for In 2011 he returned to gay porn as a muscle daddy with Colt

Koba said...

A very solid stud indeed!