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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fur Mountain, Scene 2, Starring Brad Kalvo and Shay Michaels

COLT-STUDIO's just landed the coup of a lifetime by getting the insanely hot Brad Kalvo on board for the latest update of their new video-in-progress, Fur Mountain!

Growing a huge beard especially for this scene,Brad Kalvo tops Shay Michaels, whose ass he eats out before ferociously deep-pounding the same in the woods:


To watch Fur Mountain in full, please click HERE!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

J.W. King

J.W. King aka Jim Waldrop (as he was known at Playgirl was an insanely hot,sensuous, and sexy stud with what probably were the most luscious lips ever seen in gay porn - to say nothing of the rest of his amazing attributes, all of which you can see in this spread from the August 1982 issue of Honcho:

See J.W. King in action with Mickey Squires:


 ... and here in what in my opinion is one of the all-time hottest 3-somes in the history of gay porn, also starring Loren Marks and Todd Baron:


 For more on J.W. King, please click HERE!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bob Hager, Firefighter

Bob Hager's one of the busiest fire-fighters in the country, always called on to extinguish the many raging fires ... luckily, Bob's extremely helpful and efficient, and with his skilful hands and his powerful hose, he quickly takes charge of the situation to bring under control ... his control ...

... and here's a video of Bob extinguishing a fire at Scott Hunter's:


To find out more about Bob and his unparalleled technique, just click HERE!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Carlo Masi In A Suit

Carlo Masi is a sensation, no matter what he does - or doesn't - wear! But in my opinion he looks especially irresistible wearing a suit, as it highlights the masculinity he exudes:

Watch Carlo's movies and galleries on the COLT website. To go there, simply click HERE!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Will Swagger

Will Swagger's been strangely (and unforgivably) neglected by me, as I haven't posted that many pics of his, much less featured him in a post just dedicated to him.
Please consider this omission hereby rectified!

To celebrate the super-hot release of a video (including gallery) of his pairing alongside the sensational COLT discovery Bob Hager, here's Will Swagger in - and out - of all of his sexy, cheeky, bearded, uniformed, glory:

For more on Will Swagger, please click HERE for access to his COLT videos and galleries! Otherwise, please check in again later for more on him and his collaboration with Bob Hager!