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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Josh Dempsey aka Joshua Logan

Joshua Logan was a well-known theatre and film director, most famous for shepherding Miss Monroe through what arguably would become the best performance of her career, Bus Stop.

So, I wonder if this (e.g. because he hoped that Rip Colt would work wonders on his performance, too ... which, let me tell you: he indeed DID!) is actually the reason why muscle-hunk-cum-COLT-model Josh Dempsey chose Logan's name as an alias ... surely, it can't have been a coincidence!?

Howsofuckingever ... you can see him here in what no doubt is one of Rip COLT's hottest jerk-off solo fantasies! In it, he cleverly plays with our own fantasies while he has Mark Bradshaw and Josh Dempsey play with theirs ... for someone like myself who thinks - in fact: KNOWS!!! - that the best sex always happens inside one's head, this video's as super-hot as it gets!

 ... and by the way, Josh aka Joshua plays the window cleaner in the movie ...

 To watch the full movie, please click HERE ... and for more on Josh Dempsey, please clickHERE!

1 comment:

Justin said...

I'm loving the short shorts in the clip. He was definitely born for porn.