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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Nick Chase

Nick Chase was a big name in gay porn in the 1980s.

He also was, I believe, the major of West-Hollywood at some point during that period. Though I'm unsure as to the extent of his porn and political careers overlapping - or clashing - I'm intrigued by the fact alone that a gay porn star should be elected major of any town or city anywhere, something which, I believe, would no longer be possible in the conservative political climate of today ...

Nick was the epitome of the gay porn star such as he looked like in the 1970s/ 80s: naturally muscled, slightly hairy, moustachioed, masculine, and forever seen with either a cowboy hat or wearing leather.

His best feature - besides his sexy moustache, that is - is, of course, that amazing butt of his!

Though Nick's collaboration with COLT was sparse, there are nevertheless some really hot pic-sets of his, taken by none other than Rip Colt himself. To view them, please follow THIS LINK!


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Orpheus A Scorpio said...

His real name is Steve Schulte; I'm not absolutely sure, but I think he was only a Councilman, not Mayor. I saw him in a restaurant, circa 2003, and he was still handsome then.