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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Officer Karlton

Now we know what Highway Patrol Officer Karlton gets up to in his spare time ... making some extra dough, posing naked for porn rags!

Luckily, his pics have now been leaked to the press by an angry offender, who'd been arrested by Karlton for speeding ...

... so, next time you get arrested for speeding, just try to imagine the officer in charge being naked - - - that's bound to soften the experience!

... turns out, Officer Karlton has not just been posing for porn rags, but he's been up to all sorts of outrageous things which are bound to have him suspended from his duties for good!

They can all be viewed HERE.


Justin said...

I'll speed just to get pulled over by this man hulk.

Stan said...

Would love to suck on that night stick!

Anonymous said...

Discipline me! Please!