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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Rod Roddick ... (aka Antonio Contrelle ... ?)

Rumour has it, that vintage PLAYGIRL sensation Antonio Contrelle (July 1981, January 1982) and COLT model Rod Roddick are/ were the same person ... ... I have no idea if that is, in fact, true, though I must admit that comparing both men, there undeniably is a certain resemblance.

As for the different names, it is very common, of course, for a (gay) porn star to change his name.

That various websites state Rod Roddick's birth year as 1972 may be explained by the fact that Rod himself knocked off a few years - also not uncommon in the film industry (porn and legit) - or that the guys operating those sites simply didn't know any better.

If you happen to know if this information's correct, I'd be ever so grateful for leaving a comment since Antonio Contrelle was my all-time biggest PLAYGIRL obsession.

No kidding! 

Antonio Contrelle, from PLAYGIRL, January 1982 (Man Of The Year):

Rod/ Antonio died in 2005 from a heart attack, said to be related to his abuse of steroids.

For comparison, here's Rod Roddick's (aka Antonio Contrelle) jerk-off solo for COLT:


 To watch the full video, please click HERE!


Koba said...

There is a certain resemmblance, but I don't think they are the same dude. The Colt guy is definitely circumcised, and the first guy is just all round cuter!

Stan said...

shame all his fur is gone.

Buck Naykid in Portland OR said...

Sorry, guys, but it's quiet OBVIOUS they are not the same guy! Just take a good look at their faces....