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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pumping Fever With Bruno Bacarat

Of all the MINUTE MAN videos (there are well over 30 by now!), PUMPING FEVER (e.g. MINUTE MAN, VOL. 17) is one of the hottest!

It features 7 exceptionally hot and masculine bodybuilders pumping their muscles before stroking their biggest muscle later on in the locker room! One of them is Bruno Bacarat.

Watch how this hot, bearded, muscle-stud frantically strokes his uncut meat, erupting in a gush of cum:


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Friday, 28 September 2012

Bob Hager

... just in case the message didn't get through to all of you: YESSSSS - I'm a big Bob Hager slut and probably his biggest of all of his (cum-)gushing fans ...

So what! Sue me! 

... but much better, more useful, not to mention healthier, thing to do is to ... ... to yank out your dick and bust a nut while looking at Bob's pics and vidz!


 ... for more on Bob, please click HERE!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wilfried Knight

Wilfried Knight - he's pretty much a legend as far as gay porn goes, having worked for next to everyone in the industry, including MEN-AT-PLAY and LUCAS-ENTERTAINMENT

Though it's difficult to establish whether Wilfried's German, French, or English - his uncut member suggests that he's definitely European ... then again, what does it matter, with a smile like his and a body to match! 

Now that he's older and sporting a full-fledged beard - Wilfried's looking hotter than ever!

Wilfried, enjoying some quality time with his pal, Bob Hager, and if ever there was a match made in (bear-)heaven - this is pretty much it, for I can't think of a great many other couples to match the levels of testosterone, the sensuality, the sex and the looks of these two!

You can find more on them by clicking HERE. Or for more on Wilfried, click HERE ... and for more on Bob - just click HERE!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Damien Stone

With regards to face - eyes - chest - cock ... Damien Stone is a 10 out of 10!

No doubt about it!

Put differently - if looks could fuck, by now my puckered hole would be torn and pounded to a fucking pulp!

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Brad Kalvo, Damien Stone In: FUR MOUNTAIN, scene 5

At COLT, hotness continues unabated with the next instalment of FUR MOUNTAIN for which, great choice!, more use has been found for the insanely hot and hairy Brad Kalvo, who gets to lick, suck, kiss and rim the be-jockstrapped, equally bearded and hairy Damien Stone:


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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Rick Strode Strokes In The Gym

Pumping muscles has a tendency to get you horny, doesn't it?

At least it does to sexy, straight bodybuilder Rick Strode who works out at the local gym, pumping his huge, rockhard muscles ... but before long, it is something else that is rockhard and which requires pumping, too ...  ...

 For the full movie, the only one Rick Strode ever did for COLT, please click HERE!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Rick Wolfmeir And Mike Betts

For anyone familiar with MAN-TO-MAN-HEAT very well knows that it's classic COLT at its best!

In THIS, scene 2 from the movie, we see real-life lovers Mike Betts and Rick Wolfmeir ... making love

Exactly that!

We see them kissing and fucking on the living room floor and follow them to the beach where the fun continues and where they frolic in the sea and by the beach ... ... how perfect a film to watch on this beautiful, late summer day!


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Saturday, 15 September 2012

COLT-Men And Their Holes Through The Ages

There are days when I really love my job, and that's usually when I have a great (read: hot!) inspiration for a post. Mind you, that doesn't happen every day, sometimes a good idea just won't cum, and on other days I don't have the time to ponder over what to show next ... but then there are days when an idea for a post just springs at me and rummaging through my files and archives is just one long, extended, boner-ising, fun - if ya know what I mean! - and such a post is today's!

Being a huuugggeee fan of male asshole I decided to run a post of as many COLT men as I could find that showed off their delicious holes, sticking it straight into the face of the camera-man, who, in vintage pics, was no other than Rip COLT himself!

COLT- holes, top to bottom:
Ryan Hayward, Carlo Masi, Jake Tanner, Roman Wright, Jock Peterman, Erik Korngold, Shay Michaels, Tom Chase, Moose, Darin Hawk, Adam Champ, Don Arden, Chris Wide, Hank Dutch, Jake Gianelli, Bob Hager.