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Saturday, 15 September 2012

COLT-Men And Their Holes Through The Ages

There are days when I really love my job, and that's usually when I have a great (read: hot!) inspiration for a post. Mind you, that doesn't happen every day, sometimes a good idea just won't cum, and on other days I don't have the time to ponder over what to show next ... but then there are days when an idea for a post just springs at me and rummaging through my files and archives is just one long, extended, boner-ising, fun - if ya know what I mean! - and such a post is today's!

Being a huuugggeee fan of male asshole I decided to run a post of as many COLT men as I could find that showed off their delicious holes, sticking it straight into the face of the camera-man, who, in vintage pics, was no other than Rip COLT himself!

COLT- holes, top to bottom:
Ryan Hayward, Carlo Masi, Jake Tanner, Roman Wright, Jock Peterman, Erik Korngold, Shay Michaels, Tom Chase, Moose, Darin Hawk, Adam Champ, Don Arden, Chris Wide, Hank Dutch, Jake Gianelli, Bob Hager.


Ray's Cowboy said...

4th one wins, big balls hanging down.


Justin said...

Colt sure know how to pick em. Love the hard hat guy.

Koba said...

No. 5 is just about perfect! And Adam Champ, too, of course!


Gantastic selection of hot holes! Thanks!

Stan said...

they all look delicious!