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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tom Harnett Gets Carried Away While At Work ...

Bodybuilder-cum-Carpenter Tom Harnett gets kinda horny while being at work ... as he starts touching his sweaty body with his sweaty hands, he starts growing an erection ... ... like most bodybuilders, Tom Harnett, too, is very much in love with himself, getting off on his body and also, on knowing that he drives a considerable amount of men (and presumably some women, too) out there crazy with his hot, steeled, muscular, body ... ... so he puts on a private strip-show, slowly getting rid of his clothes until all he's wearing are his filthy, soiled, old jocks (they really could do with a wash ... ... or perhaps not ...) and his work shoes ...  ... ... and now - the real fun begins!


This scorcher - a bonafide COLT classic - is taken from MINUTE-MAN 9 and can be watched in full by following THIS LINK!


Ray's Cowboy said...

Very HOT Man here. love that jock strap of his.



Absolutely hot! Great body - wonderful cock!

Butch 57 said...

Love it the wait for the dick get freed from the jock is s hot

Anonymous said...

I heard the guy passed away some years back. he was very hot!!!