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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Nate Karlton Revisited

Like with their other top race horse in their stable, Bob Hager, Nate Karlton, too, is a real find, a lucky strike if ever there was one!

One of the hottest, manliest, and by now - biggest! - gay pornstars around today, COLT got lucky in more than one respect for he, too, works exclusively for them.

So, to lay your eyes on those bulging muscles, that wonderfully furry chest, that perfect bubble-butt, or that sexy smile of Nate - there's no way around COLT. And here's one of his most recent galleries:

... and here he is pounding Samuel Colt in episode 3 of MUSCLES IN LEATHER:


 ... and here's Nate in a scorching hot solo taken from MINUTE MAN, Nr. 32:


 ... and for all of Nate, please click HERE!


Ray's Cowboy said...

WOOF on this Stud. Love toplay with him.


Stan said...

If you're looking for the perfect Colt man, look no further than Nate Karlton - muscled, hairy and hung, he's an all-round dream dude. It's just a shame that sometimes he's shaved to within an inch of his life! Nate's a 6-footer with brown hair who's not surprisingly turned up in some bodybuilding competitions. But he was also a spring board diver too in his past. Nate signed as a Colt Studios exclusive in 2009.

Koba said...

One fucking stunner! And to be banging Sam Colt! Nice!


COLT certainly knows how to pick them. HOT!

Justin said...

Indeed they do Patrick. Great stuff Red Hot.