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Monday, 22 October 2012

The Amazing Nate Karlton

It's no secret that I consider Nate Karlton to be one of the hottest and most awe-inspiring men COLT's cum up with in recent years. To me, he's on a par with men like Bob Hager and Dirk Caber, not to mention a string of others who aren't COLT exclusives.

Without meaning to dredge up tired, worn out comparisons between Nate and previous - vintage - COLT stars, I must admit that his amazing physique and his gorgeous face do indeed evoke legends such as Carl Hardwick. And similar to him, Nate looks equally hot with beard and without, with body hear and without, and no matter what he's wearing ... or not ...

See for yourself!
Hunk in trunks:

Nate in a suit:

... and out of it:

Nate in a white dress shirt and white briefs:

... and without:

Nate in cut-off's:

... and finally, Nate in black leather:

... convinced?

... if so, for all of Nate's galleries and movies, please click HERE!


Koba said...

A perfect 10! Yum!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Havt to agree wtih KOBA here.


Stan said...

If you're looking for the perfect Colt man, look no further than Nate Karlton - muscled, hairy and hung, he's an all-round dream dude. It's just a shame that sometimes he's shaved to within an inch of his life! Nate's a 6-footer with brown hair who's not surprisingly turned up in some bodybuilding competitions. But he was also a spring board diver too in his past. Nate signed as a Colt Studios exclusive in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Wow he is sexy!!!!