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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Joe Kelly aka Ryan Kilgore

I realised the other day, that hairy-hunk-with-a-bush Joe Kelly aka Ryan Kilgore has never made an appearance on this blog which, after all, is dedicated to COLT men - past and present - Joe aka Ryan falling under the first category as he was with the studio almost from the first.

The top two images, bringing out his famous low hangers, are from Mandate (taken by Rip COLT himself), while the ones below are from Honcho and Javelin:

See him here with fellow COLT model Rod Mitchell:

... and here, with Bill Curry in the COLT release, Military Pass, taken from Best of Colt, Vol.1&2:


For the full movie, click HERE or for all of Ryan's movies and pic-sets, please click HERE!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Dirk Caber and Jessy Ares in: ARMOUR, scene 2

With ARMOUR, scene 2, COLT continues their homage to the COLT legacy as it's yet another foray into hairy, bearded, alphamale territory, starring Dirk Caber and Jessy Ares wearing socks and armour (... of sorts ...) while engaging in hot, filthy, action in a locker room!


The complete episode can be watched by visiting COLT or else, by clicking HERE!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Frank Vickers - In Pictures and on Film

Frank for Torso, May 1985:

Frank Vickers and Glen Steers:


Frank Vickers - Solo 


 Frank Vickers and Neal Shaw:


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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Bum Rush, Scene 4

... must admit that we've seen better movies cumming from COLT. Tthen again I'm too much of a vintage COLT aficionado to be a reliable judge.

That said, I do like the looks of Jason Visconti ... perhaps next time they could pair him with a hunk like him ...

Anyway, as COLT caters not just to my tastes you can watch the full version of this movie by following this link.

Friday, 21 December 2012


Are you hole-obsessed ... ?

I admit, I am.

Well, it's not like it's anything to be ashamed of! It's just that my favourite part of a man's body happens to be just ... that!

If you're not hole-obsessed, then this post won't do much for you. If you are, you're in for a treat!

 ... let's start with ...

  Tom Chase fingering his hot hole in MINUTE-MAN,29:


... next, one of my all-time favourite COLT-men, Chet O'Roark, getting side-tracked while working out in the gym in MINUTE-MAN,13. Next thing you know, he's reaching for his furry rosebud ... with predictable results:


And here's vintage COLT at its very, very best (sorry: debauched!)... in RIP COLT's SEX-RATED HOME MOVIES, PART 2, scene 5, Erron fingers his hole through a torn pair of briefs before reaching for his dildo ... HOTTTTT!!!

... and lastly, in MINUTE-MAN,15 the insanely hot, moustachioed, leather-clad, Tom Howard (talk about alphamales!) goes down into the dungeon, lies down in a sling, and starts experimenting with his hole, using daddy's little helper ...


To enter COLT - please click HERE!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

IT AIN'T A X-MAS STOCKING: Colt-Men And Their Sox!

... no, ... it's more like a XXX-Mas stocking, if anything!
Rip Colt, having conjured up all these sexual fantasies, pushing all our button line no other, was also very well aware of just how sexy a man in sox can be.

While most men would look ridiculous, if not laughable, wearing sox and nothing but, given that you've got the right body, the right attitude and, yes, the right photographer - wearing just that (along with, perhaps, a pair of boots) can look very sexy indeed:

 ... and to see a lot more COLT men in sox, please visit their website HERE!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Wilfried Knight

For his latest film and photo-set, COLT has put bushy, hairy, porn-sensation Wilfried Knight in something green in leather ...

... truth be told, they could have stuck him in a pink tutu and strapped a pair of Christian Louboutin fuck-me-heels onto his furry feet and legs - and he still would have been one of the sexiest, most irresistible, men - ever! ... perhaps even sexier ...  ... hey, guys over at COLT - got my drift??!!!

Here's Wilfried and his prey, Dolan Wolf:

... and for more on Wilfried, please click HERE!