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Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Bearded Male

This was quite a challenging post as I realised that (naked) bearded males are few and far between, COLT men included.

That said, I did manage - eventually - to cum up with what I think is quite an extraordinary collection of extraordinarily hot men!

Al Parker, during his bearded phase

unknown, but very hot amateur

another unknown yet very sexy amateur stud

the insanely hot Bull Dozier

legendary Bruno, also seen during one of his bearded phases

a sexy, muscled amateur silver-daddy

I don't think this man requires any introduction ...

Stan (... but not that one ...)

Jack Radcliffe

George Dana, one of the hottest men of all time! 

Pete Kuzak ... need I say more ... ? 

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Ray's Cowboy said...

I Will take the first 3. Love Al PArker when I was younger and stil love watching his videos today. He had an extra Sex Appeal about him. The next 2 love the hairy chest and the cowboy hat. Love how he grabs his cock. WOOF. Number 3 Any Hunk who uses handcuffs as a cock ring, is a winner in my book.


Justin said...

Bearded man #5 is very hot. Love a fuzzy kiss.

Koba said...

I def have a thing for men with beards!!


Al Parker was one of my first loves! Great post of hot men with beards.

Rainbow Rebel said...

Love No3. Sexy eyes you'd do anything for! Reminds me of the great Dru Bruin.