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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Al Parker

These images of gay porn icon Al Parker date back to 1976, where they appeared in Vol. 1, Nr. 2 of Playguy magazine, which, still in its infancy, most probably had no idea that these images would make history as they marked the beginnings of what would become the Al Parker phenomenon.

He was one of the first - gay - porn stars to turn his looks - and cock! - into hard coin by creating his own production company. Already in his own lifetime he was a legend.

And he still is!

But Al also worked (read: fucked, sucked, and stroked!) for other studios and pornographers, such as for Rip COLT, with whom he collaborated on a number of occasions:
Al Parker, solo 



For more on Al Parker and his COLT collaborations - please click HERE!


Ray's Cowboy said...

I loevd Al Parker. He was the first Man that showed me that pulling and playing with my balls was HOT. I loved that he could fuck himslef and do everything else. This is one Icon that made me hard than ever, just knwing he was in the video machine getting ready to watch.


Stan said...

He was one of my first porn crushes together with Dick Fisk. Sadly both are gone now. RIP.

Koba said...

He was a legend for sure!


WHAT A MAN! I lost a lot of cum over him!