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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Back By Popular Demand: John Pruitt

... though, unfortunately not with a recent photo-set as I haven't got the slightest idea what's become of the man, one of the most popular ever to emerge from COLT-STUDIO!

This video of John has only recently resurfaced, showcasing his amazing physique:


And this was long believed to be the sole remaining COLT-STUDIO video of John which, as we now know, it luckily isn't:


For more on John Pruitt, please go to COLT-STUDIO or click HERE!


Ray's Cowboy said...

This Man was a HINK of a god. I would would have worship him any time he wanted. I think he was pure Man in every way. I just would like to know what he looks like today. He is my ulitmate fantansy. Bring him on.



I knew Ray would love this post! He was certainly a very hot man! No! I don't want to see him now. Just remember him as he was!

the 'Vintage Hottie' formerly known as O!Daddie said...

One would think/hope? that a guy with those looks and that body would age gracefully. He is probably just fabulous as a "VINTAGE HOTTIE" as he was back then.

Love your blog; it's on my blog roll and I 'borrow' regularly. Credit should go where credit is due and I'll be better at that from now on!!

Stan said...

He is stunning!

Koba said...

Always a fave! Like Ray, I do wonder how he has aged..

Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice guys in here man! I have aleady linked you!! You're welcome friend! Kisses! Bye bye!!!

Red-Hot-Chilli said...

To Black Centaur and Vintage Hottie:

THANX! you've been added to my blogroll as well!

Butch 57 said...

prefer the furry version of John, all in any form this man is!