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Monday, 25 February 2013

Classic Colt

Huge muscles, glistening bodies, chiaroscuro lighting, masculine poses ... this is what's associated with the photography of Rip COLT, and to this day, it still is the benchmark for all gay (porn) photography as it is a perfect example of how porn can also be art and vice versa.

That's hardly news to me, but it's taken the legit film industry a long time to catch up and realise that the two are far closer than many people care to admit.

Those of you who followed this year's Berlin Film Festival will have noticed that the one theme that dominated the festival was, in fact, porn in all its shapes and sizes (films on Internet pornography, bio-pics about porn producers, bio-pics about pornstars, etc. etc.), and who knows - with statistics showing that two thirds of all Google searches being porn related, perhaps pornography will finally gets its due place and recognition by society at large ... ... or am I being too optimistic here ... ?








  Ray Mars 


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Ray's Cowboy said...

I will take the first guy. Really I would love to take any of them, but the firsdt guy is really HOT to me.