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Saturday, 16 March 2013

COLT ICON: Pete Kuzak

For most, COLT man Pete Kuzak needs little introduction!

His massive muscular frame, his warm and disarming smile, his muscled body covered in dark fur, his rock hard physique ... ... There are simply not enough superlatives available to describe him! Pete Kuzak is known far and wide as the total package.

Few men exude the masculinity and charisma that are evident in his confident swagger.

The images captured and presented here are the images that COLT-ICONS are made from. Enjoy these images taken out of the COLT Vault for your very own viewing pleasure!


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glen0330 said...

Hopefully another series of "Carl Hardwick" is in the near future. A strange idea. It tells me that "these are what Colt models looked like when we had REAL men, not the look we have now."

Koba said...

Mmmm. I'm very hungry now!

Stan said...

I agree with glen.
I love Pete not only because he's so fucking hot but his last name is just one vowel different from mine. lol!


It is certainly a Hard Wick!!! Great man.

Regarding your question about my other blogs: blogger would not let me back into them when I changed my internet provider. I had to start a completely new blog and I had to join Google as well! The ins and outs of cyberspace just confuse me completely!

Stan said...

I'm with you Lord Patrick!

The Otter said...

Colt retouched these photographs and lengthened Mr. Kuzak's penis ... compare them to the original photographs and you can clearly see the alterations. Stupid and unnecessary!