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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Jake Genesis (cont.)

Jake Genesis is keeping busy these days ... this Brazilian native who's made a sizeable impression in his porn debut on MEN-AT-PLAY, has just finished yet another solo video, this time for MANIFEST-MEN, following his spectacular football-locker-room jerk-off at COLT, just days before (see pics below). Having seen them both, they're both hot, although the one he did for MANIFEST-MEN does contain some amazing close-ups of his butthole ... if you're into that.

Are you?

If not - you soon will be! 











For more on Jake Genesis, click HERE for his COLT content, HERE for his MEN-AT-PLAY movies or HERE for his latest solo video for MANIFEST-MEN.


Koba said...

What a sexy guy! Wow!


When you've got it, flaunt it! And he's certainly got it!

Stan said...

Inked, muscled, naturally hairy and totally gorgeous, Jake Genesis came to fame in 2012 and was quickly signed as an exclusive by Raging Stallion, after initially working with the likes of Kristen Bjorn and Cocksure Men. A former police officer who grew up in the mountains of Idaho, Jake once studied to be a Catholic priest (taking theology at the University of California, Berkeley) and is a keen writer. He stands about 5ft 10ins tall and is versatile, taking up gay porn after moving to live in Madrid for a while.