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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bearded Solos

I had a silly argument with a friend the other night about COLT men.

I said that although we somehow associate COLT men with the epitome of the ultimate alphamale there are, in fact, only so many COLT men who actually do sport beards (or sported them).

He differed, claiming that there's a whole range of them who wear beards.

To prove to him that I'm right, I offered to compile a collection of all solo videos of COLT men wearing beards, well aware that the collection would not be a very long one:

 ... first of all there's Chet, in what's one of the hottest solos in the history of the studio:


... then there's COLT icon Fred Slinger who in one of his COLT vids does sport a beard:


... then there's HIM ... the most famous one of them all, certainly as far as the bearded ones go:


 ... next, we have Bo Dixon ... 


... and lastly, the late Wilfried Knight who was just about to become part and parcel of the COLT stable ...


Shoot me, but that's all I found! Should I have overlooked any - let me know. But frankly, I don't think I have. 

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Beard or no beard! Does it really matter? It's what they do with their cocks that really matters!

Stan said...

Hot post!
Wilfried Knight RIP

Koba said...

LOVE guys with beards!