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Monday, 29 April 2013

Mickey Squires

he was one of the best known, most sought after and I presume, most jerked off to, male pornstars of the 1980: Mickey Squires, seen here in a well-nigh exactly 30-year old pictorial from Mandate, May 1982:



 And because Mickey was such an icon, Rip Colt couldn't possibly do without him. The result were two very hot scenes he did for COLT, one involving the late J.W.King aka Jim Waldrop, and the other the rarely seen Jack Hacker.


  Mickey and J.W.King:


 And for a great deal more on Mickey Squires, please click HERE to enter COLT!


Stan said...

It's funny to hear those old soundtracks playing back then as I watched a lot of them in the Adonis theater.

Koba said...

Love those fuzzy balls in Pic. 1!

Stephen said...



Yes! A truly hot man!