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Thursday, 2 May 2013

COLT-ICON: Joe Porcelli

More often than not, the job of a professional porn-blogger is routine: You search for images, then you upload them Job done. Basta.

And then, there are those rare, fantastic moments, when while sifting through your files and finally hitting on a man you think you might do a post on - your cock starts to stir and grow in your pants, aching for release. 

Such was the case this morning, when I prepared the post on COLT-icon Joe Porcelli.

And I don't have the slightest  doubt that you'll go through a similar experience as you go over this post ... ... 

Images are by Mandate, Honcho, Physical Man, and COLT.

















 And if you're longing to see Joe Porcelli in action, here he is, fucking NoelKemp:


More on this icon of vintage gay porn, can be found on the COLT website!


Stan said...

Mama Mia! I wish he was fucking me too!


I remember him well. Thanks for these hot men from the past! Hugs, Patrick

Koba said...

A yummy icon!

TornJeans said...

What a man! I've jacked off to him many times in my 20s

TornJeans said...

Damn! What a sexy man! Love the video! Wish there are more of him in videos! I jacked off to his pictures years ago!