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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mr. Ducati And The Incident In The California Woods ...

The LA Times recently reported the following incident:

An unsuspecting camper, called Mr. Ducati had been camping out near Big Bear Lake.

One morning he got up, wearing only his union suit, and stretched out in a deck chair, enjoying the morning sun. It was then, that he was spotted by a perv, known to the authorities as Mr. Champ, who prowled the area using his binoculars for his filthy deeds.

Before long, Mr. Champ had spotted his prey, and what followed was a vicious, violent, sexual attack which the authorities still puzzle over as it is not quite clear to what extent it constitutes rape or if, as some claim, among them Mr. Champ's lawyer, Mr. Ducati hand't actually been encouraging his attacker ... ...













  For more on this rape case, please click HERE.


Ray's Cowboy said...

Looks like you can not ape the willing.


Stan said...

I need to go "camping" at this spot!

Koba said...

I'm with Stan! Hopefully Mr. Champ will be there, too!


Is that guy still at large? I need him to find me!