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Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Known as the ultimate, consummate bottom, JON KING was one of his time's major gay porn stars.

His cute face, sexy moustache (which at one time, he shaved off), fat cock, and most of all - his extremely receptive ass, turned him practically into an overnight sensation!

Because of his popularity, Jon was extremely busy, getting fucked by every available stud (sometimes two or more at a time!), from the stables of COLT, FALCON, and what-not!

Born in 1963 in Florida, JON sadly died in 1995 in Santa Fe, due to AIDS related complications.

For videos and more picture galleries of JON, please click HERE for MAN-TO-MAN-HEAT-2-SCENE-7, where he gets fucked by the amazing Rocco Rizzoli-aka-Giorgio Canali.

Or for Jon's FALCON movies ... please click HERE for WILD COUNTRY, HERE for BIKER'S LIBERTY, or HERE for PERFECT SUMMER.

TLA-VIDEO also has many movies of Jon.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tom Wolfe And Tate Ryder In: MUSCLE-RIDGE, scene 5

Episode 5 of MUSCLE-RIDGE, stars sexy ...

... who gets crudely awakened from his sleep by bearded sleaze-bear ...

... and what follows is a down and dirty fuck in the woods that has Tate Ryder greedily wolfing down Tom Wolfe's hard wood ... who, in turn, soon cleans out Tate Ryder's hole before brutally hammering it, until Tate unleashes a stream of jizz onto his stomach ...

For MUSCLE-RIDGE, the full movie including all 5 episodes, please go to COLT or click HERE.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Frank Vickers

"Who was that Masked Man?" Answer: Frank Vickers! Real name, Roger Koch, it was his discoverer, Jim French aka Rip Colt who came up with the name. This photo spread below, though, appeared in a mag called Numbers, back in 1981, the early days of his porn career:

... and here, a few bonus photos of Frank, seen along with Rocco - his gym-buddy - which appeared in a November 1988 issue of Stallion:

... for Frank's movies and more of his photos, please click HERE.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Lumberjack Liam Magnuson: Hard Wood In The Woods

Liam Magnuson is the latest lumberjack unable to contain his hard wood in the woods ... totally carried away, he unpacks that trunk and gives it a good shake-up before getting back to work:

Liam's video is going LIVE on the COLT website on Thursday, July 18. 

To watch Liam's full solo-video, please log on to COLT or alternatively, simply click here.