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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

COLT-ICON: Ray Dragon

... Ray, the eyes of a porn-star, the looks of a movie-star:

... bearded Ray:

... Ray in black-and-white:

... Ray's butt:

... Ray in solo action: 


 ... and finally ... Ray in hardcore action:


 ... and for more on Ray, please be so good and visit the website of COLT-STUDIO-GROUP.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Liam Magnusson And Brayden Forrester

... while on hike deep in the California woods, Brayden Forrester and his mate, Liam Magnusson happen across a sofa that's been dumped there by its previous owner, probably knowing that it might cum in handy for some, ...  one day ... and it did!

... well, I say, how lucky for Brayden and Liam:


 ... for more on this hot fuck in the woods, please click HERE.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Joe Reeves

I think I was familiar with Joe's face before I even knew I was gay ... ... I can't quite put my finger on when I first came across his images, but I know for a fact that he, along with a select few others, has shaped my fantasy to a considerable degree!

Joe Reeves has a face that's that rare combination between matinee idol and pornstar, he's gorgeous as hell, but he's also very sexy by exuding masculinity in spades!

A man can be sexy, or gorgeous, or masculine, but it's very rare that he's all three at the same time.

Joe Reeves is that rare exception of being all three!

And here's a still very young Joe Reeves, getting serviced by Steve Collins in The-Company-We-Keep:


For more on Joe, please click HERE to go to COLT.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Tate Ryder

Greeting the day with a man sized bulge, tattooed hunk Tate Ryder steps out on the front step of his secluded quarters for his morning ritual of rise and shine. Taking out his thick piece of man-meat he slowly strokes his flagpole to full salute.

Turning around and giving us a look with his piercing blue eyes, Tate spreads those muscled mounds wide to let the sun shine in on his hot round man-hole. Settling into a rhythm, Tate strokes his pole and probes his hole until his morning glory gushes over.

Tate's solo goes LIVE on COLT today!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mickey Squires and Joe Paducah

Exactly 32 years ago, in August 1981, this is what readers of HONCHO magazine got to see. Mickey Squires and his lover, Joe Paducah, afloat, in the pool:

During the 1980s, Mickey Squires was pretty much ubiquitous, having been one of that decade's most sought after gay porn stars!

His partners were numerous, and some of his scenes legendary. Among them, the ones below.


Mickey Squires' videos can be watched on BEST-OF-COLT-1+2 and BEST-OF-COLT-3+4.

Monday, 5 August 2013


This amazing straight man who defies description is one a long string of models who will forever be identified with COLT-STUDIO.

  ... or was it the other way round ...?

Both, probably!

Kyle appeared on no other site than Jim French's and to date, he's one of the most uniquely perfect and beautiful men to be featured on it.

In case you shouldn't be familiar with Kyle already, there's little point in raving about his looks, when his images are that much more powerful than any words could ever be:

For more on Kyle , please be so good to log on to COLT. Thank you!