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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Joe Reeves

I think I was familiar with Joe's face before I even knew I was gay ... ... I can't quite put my finger on when I first came across his images, but I know for a fact that he, along with a select few others, has shaped my fantasy to a considerable degree!

Joe Reeves has a face that's that rare combination between matinee idol and pornstar, he's gorgeous as hell, but he's also very sexy by exuding masculinity in spades!

A man can be sexy, or gorgeous, or masculine, but it's very rare that he's all three at the same time.

Joe Reeves is that rare exception of being all three!

And here's a still very young Joe Reeves, getting serviced by Steve Collins in The-Company-We-Keep:


For more on Joe, please click HERE to go to COLT.


Daryl said...

Not withstanding Reeves' last name, (to me) he has a family resemblance to the late actor and former "Superman" Christopher Reeve. Does anyone else see this?

karl said...

Must post on here more often....

Martin, how's your little dog getting along, may I ask? Hope its ok.


Certainly a very attractive and hot man