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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sexy Beefcake: Don Atwood

Men like Don Atwood, the proverbial All-American Sunny Boy, were as substantial a part of the 1980s as was Dynasty and Dallas, and while the world wasn't exactly awash with them - sadly - it's what everyone was after, it's what everyone wanted to fuck or be fucked by ... ... it goes without saying, that COLT also provided us with a few hot such specimens, of whom Don Atwood was a first-rate example:

For Don Atwood's images and movies, please visit the COLT website.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Coe Faulkner

Outside COLT, this amazingly hot man was known as Cole Faulkner and besides his deliciously furry, burly body, his most famous feature was that trademark handlebar moustache of his; though as you can see in the last two pictures, during his stint at COLT, that handlebar moustache was still in the making ...

For more on Coe Faulkner, please be so good and visit the COLT website!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

In The Woods With Tom Wolfe

I hate people dumping their rubbish in the middle of nowhere with no regard for others, let alone the environment ... but then, occasionally, things that are dumped can cum in handy, as in the case of Tom Wolfe who finds ample use for an old brown, fake leather davenport he came across while strolling through the Californian woods ...  ...

... ... and coming across the davenport, he did indeed!

Click HERE for more free photos of Tom's adventure in the Californian woods ...

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tom Wolfe - Solo

... an abandoned sofa in the middle of where cumz in handy for Tom Wolfe who instantly realizes it's the perfect place to unwind and release some long built-up tension ... ...

BIG-BUCKS-SCENE-3 is available in full by clicking HERE

More on Tom Wolfe is available HERE.

Monday, 16 September 2013

COLT-ICON: Mickey Squires

Given his popularity, it was only a matter of time until Mickey Squires would be recruited by Rip COLT to grace the pages of his magazine with his hairy ass, low hangers, his dirty grin, and of course, his trademark moustache!    

His imposing masculinity made Mickey a busy and sought after porn actor back in the days when men sported moustaches and hairy asses, his photos appearing in numerous other publications, including Mandate and Zeus, some of which are included in the spread below:

Mickey Squires' movies and pic-sets are available on the COLT website!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Brayden Forrester Strokes His Meat In Public

In COLT's latest solo series, Big-Bucks, we have a hunky, hairy, Brayden Forrester stroking his meat in a park ... obviously turned on by getting caught any minute, Brayden Forrester fingers his hole before settling down on a park bench, doing what evidently is so much more fun if you do it out in public than in the privacy of one's home.

 ... not sure I can relate, but I am sure I'd like to cum across someone like Brayden the next time I'm out, walking my dog in a public park ...

BIG-BUCKS-SCENE-2 is now available full-length on the COLT website!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Jeff York

If only I wasn't guilty of overusing my superlatives, for now I'm really out of words to aptly describe just how uniquely, outstandingly hot I'm finding Jeff York!

With his moustachioed masculinity, he was literally born to appear in COLT magazine, although his COLT stint unfortunately, was short-lived.

He is one of those pornstars of yore of whom I'm simply dying to know what became of them ...  ... does anyone know?

For more on Jeff York, please visit the COLT website!