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Saturday, 21 December 2013

To All Readers And Followers Of This Blog:

As you may have noticed, most images on this blog have recently appeared barred and totally black!

I have since removed and exchanged most of these images while the all-new, independent THE MEN OF COLT website has now launched.

I will keep The Men Of Colt Blogspot going, though mainly sticking to videos (as I don't want to run the risk again of seeing my images barred and blackened by Google) and with a focus on recent COLT videos and images, simply to distinguish it from my recently migrated/ launched website!

Though the new site is now up and running, feel free to also visit Classic-Colt-Videos and Macho-Addiction, both of which are similar in content.

Thanks a lot for your patronage and once again, SORRY for any inconvenience the havoc on this blog over the past week or so may have caused you!

Martin aka Red-Hot-Chilli


glen0330 said...

Hopefully you get your problem sorted out, you do some great posts.

glen0330 said...

Hopefully you get your problem sorted out, you do some great posts.

Red-Hot-Chilli said...

Hi Glen,

Thanks a lot for your comment!

As you may have gathered already, this blog will merely function as a sideline from now on, mainly because of the confusion over the last week, where it wasn't certain whether I'd be able to migrate my custom domain to Wordpress or not. But ever since this afternoon, I do in fact have access to my new, transferred, site. And as it is independent from bloody Google, there won't be any risk of it being shut down or any images being barred or whatever. Just give me a few days, and then the new site will be up and running under the same old URL:

Thanks, and see you there, I hope!

TornJeans said...

I have not seen you in a while! Hope you are doing well. Merry Christmas if you celebrate it. Hugs, Rick