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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Also Jack-Off-Worthy: WILL IDEN from Men-at-Play

I suppose we can all agree on the fact that Men-at-Play features some of - if not THE - hottest men on the web! Where they find them is anybody's guess. Dito how they manage to persuade these outstandingly gorgeous men to bare it all, to strip and stroke and fuck and suck when they could be making shitloads of money on the Armani catwalk. Whatever. Fact remains, Men-at-Play does cum up with one hot discovery after another, and their latest one is called Will Iden and he's big-time jack-off material:

To watch the video of Will's solo-debut for Men-at-Play, please click HERE.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Chris Ingram

A little known Colt man, Chris' pictures are among the best work Jim French ever produced. The lighting on his picture-set is superb and so are Chris' incredibly handsome, masculine, looks. To see all of his pictures, please click HERE!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Also Jack-Off Worthy: The Men of Active Duty!

... tellin' ya - whenever I'm hittin' a spot where I donno where to go to with all my pent up sexual anger - I just vent it on Active Duty!

Their studs are so hot, there's always a new one worthy of shooting a load over! Such as the fuckin' hot specimen below:

For more soldiers dumping their loads on themselves, the camera-man, or their mates - just log on to Active Duty!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Lane Fuller & Chase Hunter in: RELOAD

See Lane Fuller get “fuller” than he ever has before, as he takes an enormous hose enema given by classic, blonde super-stud Chase Hunter. Chase makes him hold it and then release it – spraying a crystal clear geyser 5 feet or more from his cock-hungry ass. Chase then gets Lane all lubed up and ready for his 9+ inch super cock!

Now available in newly digitised, crystal clear HD quality, RELOAD can be watched streaming on the COLT website!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Extremely Jack-Off Worthy: Logan Moore, Jessy Ares & Caleb Rocca In: Double Strike

Trust Men-at-Play to cum up with the hottest hardcore video this week! In terms of men, in terms of cock (especially in terms of COCK!!!), in terms of sexual action (lean back, yank out your dick, and feast your unbelieving eyes on the double-penetration of Logan Moore!!!) - you cannot beat this one!

This is just simply another hot sizzler from Europe's best and hottest and most reliable makers of porn!!!

... to watch this truly not-to-be-missed video - please click HERE to enter Men-at-Play!

Thursday, 23 October 2014


With his uber-muscular, blond surfer looks, COLT Man Devlin has a unique approachable image, all his own.

This California stud comes very fit and toned with many of the traits we look for in a COLT-ICON: a rugged jawline, a sexy ‘come-hither’ stare and a legendary butt.

Check out this collegiate specimen for yourself! These are rarely seen images of a COLT-ICON who truly is in a league of his own!