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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Man's Best Body Part!

Chip McCord's ass (... and don't you just LOVE that hair peeking out of his hot crack ...?!?)

Doug Perry's massive, rockhard, bodybuilder muscle-ass!

Rick Wolfmier's ass is proof that the Quest For The Perfect Bubble-Butt has now officially ended!

In a perfect world there'd not just be wine tastings, but ASS TASTINGS, too ... and Ace Carponi's ass would be prime, first-rate vintage! 

Sam Dekker's straight man-ass: a promise and an invitation! 

Erron's ass-crevice: as rugged and wild as the (w)hole man! 

Anthony Page, proudly revealing a steeled, hairy, tan-lined man-butt which I'm desperate to get a closer look of ... !

Byron Hawkwood: The ultimate alphamale with an arse that befits a man who's as shameless and uninhibited as he's masculine and handsome.

Dave Sansone: The bodybuilder-butt par excellence! 

Butch Barnes' is a blue-collar butt which hasn't seen the inside of a gym, but the insides of many a construction site (... and speaking of 'insides': I'd very much like to see the insides of that butt!!!)

... and finally, Duke Vitale's sheer perfect butt: muscled, bubbly, and a furry crack at the centre ... what a perfect ending! 

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Thursday, 29 May 2014


One of early COLT's hottest models, Erron's best known for his enormous, beautiful cock and his handsome face.

Now, COLT has remastered images as well as a video clip that have never been published previously, all taken by Rip COLT himself! 

So, straight from the COLT Vault, here's a taster of what's to cum:


Find more on Erron by visiting COLT or by clicking HERE for vid caps of Erron naked on the rugged Californian coast!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Long John

I suppose anyone can guess why this man's called Long John ... just in case someone doesn't, here's a hint: look closely at what's dangling between Long John's legs and you'll know:

To see that amazing cock in full action, here's a video-clip starring Long John:


And if you wanna see more, please click HERE!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Adam Soulska & Chris Hollander in; TAKING HOLD, scene 3

Nowadays, COLT's offering something for everyone. Back in the old days, the studios catered for macho-aficionados only , but times have changed, and so for TAKING-HOLD-SCENE 3, jocks rather than the usual - muscled, manly, masculine - COLT studs were hired to do the (blow-)job:


As always, the full movie can be watched on the COLT website.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Stoner & Dick Trask In A Scorching Hot Scene, Dug Up From The COLT VAULT

Here's yet another scorcher cumming straight from the COLT vault starring COLT legend Stoner who has his asshole inspected, licked and rimmed by the equally hot and bearded Dick Trask!


THIS truly truly not-to-be-missed episode is now available digitally remastered and in full length on the COLT website. To go there, click HERE.

Friday, 9 May 2014

COLT-ICON: Byron Hawkwood

It's taken way too long, but finally it happened: COLT has released a set of newly remastered and digitised images of COLT icon Byron Hawkwood, some of which have never been published before! If you ever wondered what it takes for a COLT man to attain iconic status, you'll find the answer in the images below:

A slideshow preview of Byron Hawkwood's images is available HERE

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Taking Hold, Scene 2

They obviously got the last letter wrong in the title of the latest DVD cumming from COLT for instead of Taking Hold,it should better be called Taking Hole! For in Taking Hold, Scene 2, which has just been released, a defined jock tries to probe his hole with a dildo ... ... it takes him awhile to penetrate it but eventually, the ol' fucker slides smoothly up and down the guy's hungry jock-cunt:


Very clearly catering to the aficionado of jocks, rather than studz, all scenes of Taking Hold are also available on the COLT website.

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