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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Man's Best Body Part!

Chip McCord's ass (... and don't you just LOVE that hair peeking out of his hot crack ...?!?)

Doug Perry's massive, rockhard, bodybuilder muscle-ass!

Rick Wolfmier's ass is proof that the Quest For The Perfect Bubble-Butt has now officially ended!

In a perfect world there'd not just be wine tastings, but ASS TASTINGS, too ... and Ace Carponi's ass would be prime, first-rate vintage! 

Sam Dekker's straight man-ass: a promise and an invitation! 

Erron's ass-crevice: as rugged and wild as the (w)hole man! 

Anthony Page, proudly revealing a steeled, hairy, tan-lined man-butt which I'm desperate to get a closer look of ... !

Byron Hawkwood: The ultimate alphamale with an arse that befits a man who's as shameless and uninhibited as he's masculine and handsome.

Dave Sansone: The bodybuilder-butt par excellence! 

Butch Barnes' is a blue-collar butt which hasn't seen the inside of a gym, but the insides of many a construction site (... and speaking of 'insides': I'd very much like to see the insides of that butt!!!)

... and finally, Duke Vitale's sheer perfect butt: muscled, bubbly, and a furry crack at the centre ... what a perfect ending! 

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Anonymous said...

the hottest piece of asses Doug Perry and Rick Wolfmier asses are amazing

but my fav is Ace Carponi'ass

lukkas said...

cock diesel motherfuckers that can’t even fucking turn to wipe their ass”
Dave Sansone The bodybuilder is my favourite ass i´´d love stick my togue in there

TIGER said...

i agree asses are the Man's Best Body Part
Doug Perry
Ace Carpon
Byron Hawkwood
Byron Hawkwood
fuck they have asses I could eat for hours before sucking him off and eating his loadS. perfect!

Anonymous said...

fuck yeah fine big butts Dave Sansone is a mamooth!Byron Hawkwood is most handsome did he died?

Anonymous said...

Byron Hawkwood and Dave Sansone are the most fuckable colt men ever oh please blogger do You know what happened to them?