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Sunday, 31 August 2014

ICON: Pete Kuzak

Along with Carl Hardwick and KelsoPete's probably the most iconic COLT-model of all time, though I understand that depending on one's individual preferences, opinions on the status icon may differ. That said, I'm sure I'm not far off the mark that for visitors of this blog - read: guys that are into vintage porn and most notably COLT men - Pete Kuzak pretty much ticks every available box! There isn't anything that we're looking for that he doesn't have! And so, he can safely be dubbed icon, and it was high time that COLT decided to finally dig out some of his previously unpublished images and digitized them - all for our viewing and jerking pleasure!

Pete's videos and image galleries are available on the COLT website!


manollo said...

Good times Oh my god, I'm so excited Pete kuzak is the hottest beef, dark handsome masculine god of Colt

eduardo said...

omg! the hottest colt men ever! kuzak oh god ! I let him fuck me...up the ass So many times that my asshole won't even fully close up anymore. i want to suck his pink meaty cock

taurus deca said...

the hottest man of COLT STUDIO Pete kuzak is a legend massive like a bull this guy tease us with his muscle furry ass!

scrotum said...

Pete kuzak HAS THE BIGGEST ASS THAN Rod Roddick!
oh my god and if that was not enough his ass is still hairy A rarity nowadays
oh Red-Hot-Chilli Do you remember when was the last time you licked a hairy ass??

xerxes bear said...

fuzzy bums are awesome Pete kuzak it was the first time ever that the man porn appeared with chest pubes curling over the shirt
i want more and more of Pete

Red-Hot-Chilli said...

To Scrotum: It's some time ago, I must admit ... but I still remember it vividly and it tasted delicious, a sweet-sour-stinky kinda mix which still makes me hard when thinking about it!

Musclemania said...

Pete kuzak is a colosso of rhodes !!
fuck yeahh
99% of All Gay men Desire a rimjob in PETE KUZAK´S HAIRY ASS
I could go on all day about how Pete's hairy ass

lukkas said...

ohh FUCKING JESUS!! i´m in paradise
hairy chest furry pubes and asses
KUZAK is muscle hairy GOD of the gods I devour him alive
Those Were Good Times, Weren't They?