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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Also Jack-Off-Worthy: Patrick Tyson Barebacking Sean Robson

... totally go for the muscle-stud in the blue tank ... he's HOT! Love it, how he pushes his bushes meat into the jock's ass - raw!

For the movie, please visit Cocksure-Men.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


This hot man (in the colour pics below) is called Denny and these pics of his appeared in a 1989 issue of Mandate. As his name is identical with that of the famous COLT model, I would like to know if, in fact, it is the same man?

As a reminder, the COLT model of the same name looks like this:

Mind you, there are about ten years, at least, between the pic above and the ones below. So any changes in appearance may be due to that. However, although ten years, not to mention a mustache, may considerably alter a man's appearance, his cock usually stays the same, which would suggest that we're indeed talking about two different Dennys here as COLT's Denny's cock is pointing downwards while the one of Mandate's Denny is pointing upwards ...  ... still, you can never be sure. So, my question to you is:

Does any know if these two Dennys are identical??? If so, please comment!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

ICON: Rod Roddick

No doubt, Rod Roddick is on of COLT-STUDIO's biggest icons! Not least, because his images haven't been available for years, and what's more, there are only so many of them.

However, even more iconic than Rod, his amazing body, and his rod - is his butt! Especially that hole in its center! And it is to that butt and that hole that this is post is dedicated:

Rod Roddick's remastered and digitized HD image-sets are available on the COLT website TODAY!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lance Seawell & Walter Uwe in: Getting It

I suppose Rip COLT wouldn't necessarily approve of the men featured nowadays on the site that still carries his name. Then again, it may just be me who's off ...  ... no one can claim that his own taste in men is the best and only valid one! After all - the world's a big place and we're all individuals with our very own, idiosyncratic, likes and dislikes. No, the two guys in Getting It are not really for me. That said, there is a certain accessible, guy-next-door allure (all for lack of better terms!) which doesn't totally go unnoticed with me  ... ... ... are you getting it ...??? 

 Getting It is the latest COLT video and the above scene is the first one. To watch it in full, simply click HERE!