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Thursday, 11 September 2014

ICON: Rod Roddick

No doubt, Rod Roddick is on of COLT-STUDIO's biggest icons! Not least, because his images haven't been available for years, and what's more, there are only so many of them.

However, even more iconic than Rod, his amazing body, and his rod - is his butt! Especially that hole in its center! And it is to that butt and that hole that this is post is dedicated:

Rod Roddick's remastered and digitized HD image-sets are available on the COLT website TODAY!


Anonymous said...

holy crap blogger No doubt, Rod Roddick is on of COLT-STUDIO's biggest ASS
I´am about to explode!!!!MAN THAT FUCKING HOT

Muscle mania said...

dammmm Was he born with that legs? this guy has the most beautiful quads in the world!
that ass is round and beautiful

Anonymous said...

big bums are awesome @@#@$$ Drolls **his Monster Nasty Butt is fascinating And as a true ass man, I fell for Rod Roddick quickly as he has the master ass to beat all asses.

Anonymous said...

what a fuck beff bull!!
i love bulls ´butt You can stick your tongue in that hole and taste the testosterone of his anus!
Red-Hot-Chilli where is Rod Roddick now?

lukkas said...

fuck off jesus !! this man is hot as mother fucking his butt is incredibly huge in pic 1
in pic 3 Rod showing his virgin rose hole is great i jack a lot
i love his lats too

Anonymous said...

fuck this guy is one of the hottest men i´ve ever!
i want to lick his ROUND ASS