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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Ray Han

Ray Han - this handsome man with skin as smooth as silk and a hooded, meaty, dong the size and shape of which is as lusciously inviting to look at as it is quite simply beautiful, has turned into a COLT mainstay!

His latest contribution is a hot, daring solo that brings out the exhibitionist and narcissist in Ray Han!

Ray Han's solo video is now LIVE on the COLT website!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

More Super-Hot Jack-Off Material: Chris Wydeman & Matt Stevens in: FIST PUMPERS

The hunky muscular and bearded duo Matt Stevens and Chris Wydeman are in the garage in the midst of a heavy make out session. Chris yanks off Matt's shirt and worships his hairy armpits. With Matt bulging out of his jeans, he pushes Chris down on his knees so that Chris can deep-throat his cock with ease. 

Matt turns the attention to Chris and bends him over to inspect, then eat Chris' hairy bear ass. Once Matt warms up Chris' hole with his tongue, he hikes Chris' leg up onto a ladder and slowly introduces his huge fist into Chris' hole. 

With Matt's hand still deep inside of him, Chris' thrusts and gyrates on the hole-stretching fist. Switching positions Chris gets on all fours and uses the bottom of the ladder as leverage as Matt keeps pumping his fist in and out of Chris' asshole. 

Chris turns around to finish sucking Matt's cock, causing Matt to unleash a thick creamy load onto Chris's face beard:

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Also Jack-Off Material: Shop Clerks Dallas Steele & Robbie Rojo

... Dallas clearly calls the shots here, so when he’s feeling the horn all he has to do is snap his fingers and young Robbie will get on his knees. Unbeknownst to the customers in the shop, Dallas is being deep-throated underneath the counter as he helps them out. Always the professional, Dallas keeps a straight face as Robbie works on his rock-hard cock. But as soon as the customers walk out its no holds barred and Dallas pulls Robbie up from the floor an up on the shop counter to work his delicious, smooth hole with his massive tool.

But he only has a few minutes between customers, so Dallas gives it to him fully suit, and dick out (just how we like it!), pounding his sweet hole and using him like his very own fuck-boy. But don’t think for one minute that Robbie doesn’t enjoy being used by a hot, older man. Oh no, he LOVES every single deep, thrust!

Begging to be fucked hard until he can’t hold it any longer and shoots his load with Dallas’ dick deep in his ass ...

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