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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Long-Donged COLT-Men

COLT was first and foremost the studio where our collective fantasies came to life. Butch men, oozing testosterone by the gallons, were the stuff of which our wet dreams were made, and Rip COLT turned our dreams into porn. The hottest porn. Ever! Though you didn't necessarily go to COLT for dicks the size of beer bottles, some COLT models were very well endowed indeed! And here's a small selection. Clicking on each image will take you the name of the model plus his COLT page:

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Franco Corelli Recharging His Tool

Franco Corelli definitely was - actually: still is! - one of COLT's most popular strokers! Being str8, he never made a hardcore flick for the studio but similar to his rival, Carl Hardwick, his COLT solo videos are numerous, and they are hot!

This one here, called ReCharge, is from COLT MINUTE MAN 18 which also features fellow muscle-Gods Carl Hardwick as well as Billy Herrington:

The full episode is availableHERE.

The full video of ReCharge can be accessed HERE!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Neal Shaw And Michael Christopher Roughing It In the Californian Woods

Both men look like they've just entered the Natural Man Contest ... and won! Furry, rugged, slightly (but not too) muscled, Neal and Michael are going at it in the rough and raw Californian wilderness.
And rough and raw is just how they like it - best!

To watch the full scene, click HERE, please!